Friday, November 16, 2007

Finally Done!!

A miracle of infintesimal proportions ( when compared to World Peace or something else important) has occured! I have finished up some projects!! But not, however, before I had started a new one- more on that later!! There is no denying it, this is just how I work!!

These stocking ornaments are for an Ornament Swap on one of my Yahoo Groups. I dyed some white baby socks with coffee 9for thatVintage look- ha ha!) and some with Red Rit dye. I used truely vintage trims and hand dyed cheese cloth and beads and tiny jingle bells to decorate them and put a Chick charm on each one, they were quick and easy! on the red ones I use some really neat lime green tiny ball fringe- it shows up here as more of a yellow but it really is a nice different green.

It was suggested to me at the GRACE Gallery in Reston that my Garden Fairies would make neat pins. So I tried some. I have made some modifications as to how I do the faces. I paint the fabric before sewing and then draw my own faces once the piece is sewn and turned. These are very cute but not easy! Smaller is often much more difficult- now I have to figure out pricing!! iIhave put a small pin back on each taht also has a bale on it . This will allow the piece to hang on a necklace as well!

This picture gives you an idea of how much smaller the pin doll is when compared to the regular Garden Fairy.

After receiving my copy of Quilting Arts Gifts, I got all inspired to make some more fabric paper. i m working on a Christmas Stocking for my AWOL Yahoo Group and I wanted to make it out of fabric paper. I love this technique as it is so messy and all collage work. I use my painted paper towels, wrapping paper, decorative napkin tops, text from old and foreign books and tissue paper, all fused to fabric with white glue. I literally spent several very enjoyable halves of days working on several very large sheets (yards) of this stuff, so now I have lots to be used for creating!!!

Each hanging is approximatly 3 x 4.5 inches. only the fronts have bird images but the backs are decorated as well. I sewed each piece together on the machine, sometimes adding thread painting around the nests and some have tulle pockets with treasures sewn inside.

In this piece you can also see that I used dressmakers pattern tissue for the collage work. These hangings definately have a Holiday flavor to them but they can also be left to hang all year round. i put eyelets in at the top corners and in the bottom middle. Then I played around with adding the dangly bits. I love the danglies!! Most of the items that I added are bits of old jewelry, vintage lamp prisms and old pearls.

In this hanging you can see the little tulle pocket with fibers and pearls placed inside. Thank you Ruth Rae, for that inspiration!!!!

I have 6-8 more of these to finish and I have a feeling that they will sell very well at my show- at least I hope so!!

Well, the natives are clamoring for food! What's up with That????

I'll be back later with some more photos of completed photos!!


Julie said...

These hangings are lovely! As were the beautiful birds you posted recently. Gorgeous!

~*~Patty said...

Always fun seeing what you're up to! Neat idea making your dolls into pin size! Your window dangles are really great, I'd love to 'see and touch' some of your fabric paper! Excellent idea making up big sheets of it. You'll plow right thru it! Enjoy your creative chaos, isn't that what gets our motors running LOL.

katelnorth said...

I'm like that too - always starting new things. I finish old stuff too, but not having finished something doesn't stop me from starting new stuff. It's just the way some of our brains work... Love those dangles, by the way.


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