Friday, November 30, 2007

New Bird Creations

It has been a long time since my last post. I have been very busy getting an order together for a gallery that has taken quite a liking to my Wing Dings. In fact the first batch that I delivered has sold out!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! I had set aside a chunk of time to work on items for two upcoming shows and I had not plannned on an additional order for Garden Fairies and Birds from the gallery. Mind you, I am not complaining one bit, I have just been very very busy!!!
Here are my new birds. I will post more photos of finished items as soon as I can get them finished!!! Right now everything seems to be in some sort of state of not quite doneness!! I must make a list or two and figure out where everything stands!!

This Wing Ding is going to remain in the family collection! I am not sure how many tree cookie press dies I am going to come across!!

The next two are also made from aluminum plates from an old cookie press. I painted the plates and then overstamped them for some more texture.

"Sing Your Own Song"

"Let Yourself Soar"

I made the next two birds using vintage drink coasters. They came with the flowers on them and all of the wonderful dings and scratches! I just love them and they will make perfect gifts for Bird Loving Gardeners!!

The phrase on each bird says,"Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower."

This bird is made using the bottom of a soda can. the rim gives me some room to add a small collage. I created a very small nest from honeysuckle vine and yarn and added a tiny round white beach pebble for an egg. The phrase says "Nourish Your Soul".

This bird was made with wings cut from copper flashing and then embossed and flamed for color. The body is a tart tin and the legs are from a vintage typewriter.

I have had several requests to have birds at my upcoming shows on the 8th and 9th , so there is nothing for it but to get back to work!!!!!


martha brown said...

I love your birds -- they are so fun. I especially like the one using the bottom of the pop can. I like the shrine-like depth.

barbara burkard said...

they just get more and more beautiful!


Dianne said...

Your birds are so whimsical and love how you create each one.

Julie said...

These birds are inspirational and beautiful! It just shows you should never throw anything out!


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