Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sorry to have been away for so long!!

I have survived my two show weekend!! The first event was at my dear friend Karen's house. I was included with a great group of 5 other artists. Karen graciously opened her home to the public for our sale. I was very pleased with how I did, sale wise and I had a fabulous time meeting and talking with all sorts of neat people!

I had several very new peices of work with me and I was sort of hesitant about trying to sell them. I loved them both but I was not confident that they were "good enough'. Ever been there???

Well both of them sold!! I decided to put a high price on the large peice as I would not have been at all upset if it had not sold- but a wonderful gal, who happened to be a music teacher, snatched it up and declared that she must have it. It is such an amazing gift to be able to experience another person's connection and joy to something that I have created!!

Here is the peice that she bought. It is 17x22 and I did it on canvas board.

It is difficutlt to catch all of the details of this peice in a photograph. The bird is cut from collaged sheet music that was then washed with gesso. I used oil pastels to add in the details. The background is paint scraped and then I added layers of glases, some stamping with gold, some sheet music and tissue paper that I had written on. After adding the phrase, I doodled on the tree and leaves. Karens glorious red walls served as a wonderful background for our display! Maybe I can convince my husband to paint our diningroom that color- tho she said that it took 5 !!!! coats of paint!!!!!!

Here are some other pictures of my work at the show.

I sold 6 of my birds!! People either thought that they were really weird or they loved them and had to have one! One gal bought two of them!!

I made the mirror in this picture that same way that I described the canvas board piece and I sold quite a few of my ornaments form the tree.

This piece is 8x10 and it sold as well!

I love this mirro and I am just as glad that no one bought it! I put down cheesecloth and then painted it with gesso and then applyed color in washes. THere is alot of texture in this piece that is not shown very well in the photo. THse are three beautiful Cape Cod scallops on the front.

The good news about not selling out is, now I can shop from my stock for all of my personal Christmas presents for friends and family!!


Ro Bruhn said...

Love the birds, they are so expressive.
Thanks for your kind comments re my papers.

Dianne said...

Congatulations!! Your art deserves to be sold - well done. I love your birds,they are so unique.


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