Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Quilt Journal Pages

I am pretty tired of birds and Garden Fairies right now, but I am not to get much of a break!! I delivered my art to GRAQCE in Reston, VA today and everyone was thrilled. The gls working at the time started shopping! Erica, the wonderful Artistic Director, asked if I could bring more Birds and as many dolls as I can make, when I go back up for the opening reception on November 30th!!!! it is SOOOOOOO Fabulous to be so well recieved!!
I do have some other projects to finish up and to share before I start on Round 2!

I have just finsihed another Quilt jouranl Page Swap on my Surface Designs group. this time I sent my page to Ann in France! The theme was Monochromatic Colors. I chose to work with Green. I have nto been a big fan of green till just recently- maybe it has something to do with being "delivered" from Oklahoma, though they have had much more rain recently than we have! As it was so darn hot there and the wind never stopped blowing, I really came to covet the lush greenness of the garden.

All of the fabric used in this collage piece was dyed by moi! I used the Setacolor dyes for both the sunprints and the trim. The background fabric is from a vintage linen napkin and I added dyed cheesecloth and then another trim piece over that and Stamped the word Grow on a piece of fabric/paper that I had made earlier. I did lots of beading on the piece but unfortunately that does not show up very well in this picture.

This is the page that Ann sent to me. Keep in mind that these two pieces passed each other somewhere over the Atlantic and we did not share our plans with each other, I am not sure that we both knew that the other was passionate about gardening either! I certainly did not know that she was, she may have seen some of my garden pictures that I posted to the group.

She paper pieced this rose from fabric that she had created by printing a photograph of a rose from her garden on fabric! I just love this piece!! as it turns out I am nuts about Pink Roses and I have one still blooming in my garden right now. It also turns out that she also only plants antique roses and has no use for those that do not have a fragrance!! Maybe we are twins that were separated at birth????? Serendipity and Sychronisity!!!!! I love it!!!

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Scrappy Cat said...

I just love your journal pages - both the one you created and the one you received! Wonderful!!

And of COURSE you (and your artwork) would be well received - it doesn't surprise me in the slightest.



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