Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Addictive Sewing Project

I am really enjoying collage work with fabric these days! Yesterday I created this Gift Cone as a vessel to hold a small birthday gift for my wonderful friend Trina. I gave it to her today and I must say that she was thrilled! The gifts that went with it were a vintage (1950) Sewing book filled with great illustrations , that I picked up at the Library Used Book Sale for $1 and a selection of vintage braided trims from my own stash!! I love getting together with my Art Scavenging friends as the story behind the treasures and how little we paid for them makes the gifts all the more special. I am sure the other patrons in the restaurant thought we were total LOONS!! DON"T CARE!!!!
This is a detail of the front.
The back. At the bottom I had added a vintage crystal chandelier drop. It does not show up very well in the picture, nor does alot of the beading.
This is a detail of the back!
I suppose that I love all of this fabric collage work because I can combine all of my art lvoes- vintage fabrics, laces, embroideries, beads, buttons,costume jewely, old papers, text , cards and sheet music. I also feel really good because I am using many of my ammassed treasures! I can never psosibly make two alike and that keeps me inspired and happy, too!!! Once used as the "Wrapping" for a gift it can be hung on the wall and used to display dried frlowers or a cute stuffed peice or whatever the recipient desires!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Gorgeous!!! I just love playing with fabric!
chris p

Joanna van said...

Just beautiful!!

globug said...

Pretty!Make me one!

Dianne said...

This is so beautiful - lucky Trina. But what a marvellous idea you have given me. My Mum has made me some lovely rose cross stitches and I wasn't sure what to do with them - these would be perfect!


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