Sunday, January 6, 2008

Taking Down the Tree

I always dread this chore! The excitement is past, the anticipation is gone, only the major chore remains!! But this year WE got it done in record time!! ( It is usually a lonely chore for me, but this year I insited on making it a family event!!) Of course, since I was sick, we did not put it ALL out, so the better part of a day to pack it up was wonderful!!
I want to share with you the wonderful ornaments that i received this year in a Handmade ornament Swap. These ornaments are truely special and WILL NOT be packed up for quite awhile. They speak to me of all of the wonderful friends who I have met during the past year's art adventures!

I am sorry that this picture is so blurry! Pretend that you are viewing it thru a foggy window. I made it 20 years ago on a mountaintop in Vermont with my dear friend Rebecca. It has survived 16 moves with only very minor repairs. So this is my tree for my treasured handmade ornaments.

Isn't this little guy just amazing!! My wonderful friend Barb felted him for me, not knowing that I collect snowmen!!

My friend Martha made this wonderful gem for me! She does the most amazing work with the littlest bits of fabric and paper!!

Of course the back is as wonderful as the front!!

Rhonda created this beautiful piece from a mini tart tin and a little porcelain doll. It is covered with texture and glitter. The baby is holding a glitter covered star and there is a twig branch adorned with stars behind the baby!

I was lucky enough to get two of Martha's creations and this is the second. This one is made from wallpaer that has been painted and stitched on the sewing machine and then collaged. It is very silvery and elegant.

This adorable Bird came form my dear friend Patti. We both love birds!!

Lyn created this gorgeous collage ornament using a papier mache base. Again the front is just as wonderfulas the back!!!

Some things just need to stay out all year long to help to remind us to keep the Spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year long!!!

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