Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Birds and Tassels

I have been home today with a sick child. The bad part (besides the fact that my sweet girl is sick) is that I was supposed to meet my pals for lunch and some Thrift store hopping. We haven't been able to get together since Christams because of one thing or another , today being no exception. On a much more positive note, I am able to be at home when my kids are sick, which is not often AND, I was home all day so I could get some more projects finished!! Yah!!! Love it when that happens!!

On my Surface Design Roup and on a group that I moderate we are creating Bird Tota's. Bird Tota's are strings of stuffed birds that one often sees in import stores. They are like soft sculpture Totem poles, if you will. We are each making stuffed birds for the other players and in the end we will each have our own string of birds. These strings of Birds or other animals usually have a bell or bells hanging from the bottom.

I made these girls using some of my hand dyed fabric and then I created their wings from scraps fused to a green batik fabric. After stitching all over the piece with gold rayon thread I cut out a parallelogram shape and folded fans from each piece. As you can see each bird has a loop on it's back and one on it's belly, for hanging.

This bird is for a friend who is very partial to green. I finished off this One Bird Tota with a hand made tassel. Once I created this tassel, ( In about three minutes, start to finish!) I went on to make several more!

It is difficult to see in the pictures, but I have added beads in amoung the fibers and in future ones I will probbably add charms and buttons and found objjects, depending on the project! A key would be cool tucked in there or a heart charm or a bird charm or whatever strikes your fancy!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Elizabeth-these are wonderful!!! I have mine planned, but have not made one yet. Hope my pattern works!!! Great job!!!
hugs, chris

Joanna van said...

I love these! They are so colorful. They would brighten anyone's day. Well done!

Marilyn Rock said...

These are super Elizabeth! I love the colors and shapes!!! Gorgeous.

Annette J said...

These are just wonderful Elizabeth great colours and love the tassels

artisbliss said...

You make the absolute coolest things, Elizabeth. So colorful and fun!

TracyB said...

Elizabeth these are GORGEOUS!! So sad to see that you're not in my group for this trade :( They're wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

These are STUNNING! I love them!

I hope your daughter is feeling better - I'm just now beginning to feel half alive again. I hope you are feeling 100% better, too!


creative dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth, wow this is amazing, I love it especially the tassels,so cool. You are a mixed bag of talent, your friend will love this I'm sure. I hope your daughter gets better really quickly, I hate it when my girls are sick. Belinda

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

hey love bird! I'm certainly looking forward to seeing you redefine the meaning of Elizabeth!!! :)

I enjoy looking at my birdie collage you made for me... it is anxious as i am to welcome Spring.. perfect day too since we are s'posed to hit 65' today. Fly with me?

Sick child? :( Sorry to hear that.

Bee well. And thank you for staying around long enuff to read past the 10 minute mark, lol heckif it only took 10 min to create that, I'd be finished with the Pink Artist doll already... woo hoo!

Happy thrift store hopping, wish I were going with. ~Monica

Julie said...

What wonderful and fun birds. This would make a great FAT swap sometime!

Jo Wholohan said...

fantastic birdies elizabeth!! what a great swap, love the wonderful colour and they tassels, very cool :))

Peggy Beck said...

I love your work Elizabeth although I am relatively new to your site. Everything I see is so pretty and lovely to look at.


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