Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Green" Quilt Squares

Blogger has been acting up lately so it has taken me three days to get this post up !! ARGHHHHHHH!!!! But all is working once again! Thank you Blogger!!!

I have just finished my second quilt square for a "Green" challenge. The idea was to use recycled items that were already around the home, to create a quilt square. I made two as I was not happy with the first. It looked too much like a bunch of recyclables plopped down on a sqaure. No mystery, no question. I also concluded that it looked too much like a hurricane warning symbol that one sees on a weather map that appears behind the weather person on tv. Two things working against it and I was not happy.

The background is painted drier sheet and the rest is mesh net veggie bages, a milk jug cap and a soda bottle cap. The shiney gold bits are candy foil wrappers held down by beads. Boring!! Sometimes I just don't like it- Do Over!!! I feel that I have just gone thru the motions but I am definately not excited about the result.
I have finally learned to walk away from a project for abit and let the dust settle. I am very task oriented , so this was difficult to do, at first. So I let the whole thing sit for several days and came back with a fresh approach.
Here is the result- much better. Not sure what everything is made from, there are questions, a touch of mystery!! The background is painted paper towel from a project clean up. The leaves are made from veggie netting but all scrunched up so it is not obvious-love the texture that gave me! The flowers and buds are painted drier sheets and the stamens are old yellow kitchen scrubby and orange mesh bag. I backed the piece with a used drier sheet that I had painted purple. Much better!!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Absolutely fantastic Elizabeth! The colors, stitches, textures - gorgeous!

artisbliss said...

Great textures, even in the square you don't like. I think the mesh bits are cool.

Laura Krasinski said...

Hey.. I love these.. Just gorgeous...

barbara burkard said...

sooo i love that weather warning! it is sooo kool!!!! (and green!!! which seems to be the word of the year!...when will we have a lavender word..hmmm wonder what it would stand for.."oh i'm going lavender" it's too new lol...LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NEW BANNER!!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

I am loving these-wonderful color, texture-just fabulous! So glad to see post about blogger issues-I was having nightmares and thought I may need to create a new blog! I will try again!
chris p

creative dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth, I'm loving the texture on these, just want to touch them. I your banner looks great too. Belinda

patchlisel said...

I became wish that you would go through in our next Challenge in April/May. That would be for all a great experience.
Oh no, my english sorry.


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