Thursday, March 13, 2008

Journal Pages

I have jsut completed two new Journal Pages from the prompts given for this month. The prompts were :Hearts and Fears.
I was going to skip Fears altogether but then I decided that I really should not skate around the topic just because it was going to be a challenge. I actually did this one first!! that shocked me as well!!

I used to intensly dislike being alone. Now, not so much!!!! I think that this all changes once one has children, and you can"t even go to the restroom by yourself!!!!! Now I have a problem with being Isolated from others or left behind, forgotten. that is what this page is about. So I did it!!

Hearts was easy, easy and I had fun with it. There have been several techniques in CPS lately that I have wanted to try and I took this exercise as the perfect opportunity.

First I collaged the papers and then washed over them with periwinkle paint. Before the wash I did put down a coat of Matte Medium so I could wipe up paint in certain areas and move the paint around. then I added the stems and the hearts. I made the hearts after collaging some paper with roses torn from agardening catalog. After stamping over them and then washing with gesso I cut out the heart shapes and then added the gold edge. I will probably use the cut collage technique again- i was able to use up scraps and really focused on the colors in each paper rather than the actual patterns on the paper.


Ati. Norway. said...

Very interesting pages!

Marilyn Rock said...

Elizabeth; your journal pages are wonderful. I love how you dripped the dark paint down the page; cool! Art journaling is a terrific way of self expression. I need to get to mine; I have 3 gessoed pages that I've started about two months ago :) You're inspired me to begin. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your journal pages turned out great. Love those hearts but the 'isolation' page is incredible. Love how you represented the word.


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