Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fabulous Mail Day!!!

Yesterday had to have been one of my very best mail days ever!!! Many of you who read my blog regularly, (what fabulous friends I have!!!) know that I adore the art and jewelry of Ro Bruhn. Ro and I have become friends through our blogs and various challenges and mutual blog friends. I always turn to Ro's fabulous blog when ever I am in need of some inspiration and eye candy!! You too can visit her blog and her Etsy site here.

Recently, I visited Ro's blog and was treated to pictures of some of her latest jewelry creations that she was selling at her Etsy site. I have been covetting Ro's earrings for a very long time and decided that I needed to buy myself a birthday present. Sometimes one just has to buy ones own presents If the moment is right and if you want to get what you REALLY want!!! So I purchased these marvelous earrings!!
They are mostly pale pink and Austrain crystal with two fabulous coppery pearls and flower beads. The little crystal parts are bits from some vintage jewelry and you should see them sparkle in the sun!! as I was on my way out to garden in the tiny window of clear weather, I had to put them on!! i had Matthew take a picture of them so you could see them in situ!!!

I just love these earrings!! Thank you so much Ro!!
My shopping adventure was not over however! Ro has also been an amazing teacher and source of inspiration for my work with paint and layers and altered books. On her bog, she has a fabulous post that steps out her process for creating her fabulous books and journals. Recently ,she had started to sell packs of her papers and I have been drooling over these packs as well as her jewelry. As I was going to pay for postage from Oz for the earrings I saw every economical reason one could imagine for buying the paper pack as well. This was a very fiscally sound decision on my part!!!!!
Well, the papers are beyond imagining and a great bargin!!! This pack is STUFFED with all sorts of hand colored papers that are layered with marvelous colors and stampings. They are so beautiful that I don't want to cover any part of them and may just have to use them for wallpapering the powder room so I can see them all of the time!!!

These tow pictures give you a very small idea of all that was included in thsi pack of paper! this is an amazing bargin and I would encourage all of you who love the kind of art that I do, to check out Ro's work!!!

And more!

NOw my next Challenge is to figure out how we can get Ro to come to the states so we can have her teach some classes!!! Rest Assured, I'm working on it!!!!


artisbliss said...

Wowee, wow, wow. Those papers are absolutely WONDERFUL. How can you even think about cutting them up or anything else? My goodness. I'm with you--better get the gal to the US for classes.

Dot said...

What a bright and cheerful post Elizabeth :)

So glad you treated yourself to some earrings and to one of the paper packs. The earrings are STUNNING! And I know first hand how wonderful her classes and papers are (and her jewellery too).

You would LOVE her classes.

Hope she gets to the US!!

Candace said...

Great post, Elizabeth! Say, is that your dog in the left hand column?? What a super star! Ro's work is fabulous, isn't it? The earrings are delightful! So glad you are having a great time of it.


creative dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth, What wonderful papers I so need some, your new earrings are gorgeous. I love long beaded earrings. Don't you just love happy mail :) Belinda

Jacky said...

Hi Elizabeth, I have just finished a class with Ro (Dot being in our class too).
It was FANTASTIC...it would be great if you could get her over as her class was amazing. She is so enthusiastic and shares so many of her techniques with you and the goodies you receive in her class packs!!!! Such a generous soul.

Love your earrings, Nice to get yourself a special birthday present. My girlfriend Shirl bought a necklace from her at our Art Retreat as a memento of our wonderful "arty" weekend.

The Recollection Parlor said...

I love the colors!


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