Saturday, May 24, 2008

Roses For Memorial Day!

Here it is Memorial day weekend and everyone is worried about summer vacations and the price of gas. Those are very valid worries these days but I can't help but think about all of the families who have been forever changed by this terrible war that we are so stuck in. I live in an area that is very heavily populated by military families who feel this anxiety and uncertainty of whether their Mom, Dad, Brother , Sister may be leaving again or not coming home as expected or not coming home unchnaged, or god forbid, not coming home at all. I find that everytime I go out into my garden , especially now that my roses are blooming, I say a prayer for those families and their loved ones and for our country. I pray for our country because I pray that we will make the right choice in the Fall election to choose a totally New Path for all of us and for the world. A new Path that will take us towards talking with all poeples of the world before delivering ultimatums , a new path that will take us away from politics as it has exsisted for the past 4 administrations , away from separation and vitriol towards understanding and acceptance. My roses are blooming like crazy and I am praying alot!!!

Today I have been out in the garden for most of the day. We will be having a big batch of fresh garden greens in our salad tonight!! I have been out everyday, twice a day handpicking slugs to rescue the lettuce and I think that it is really starting to pay off. i simply refuse to put down insecticide or slug bait as it is so toxic to other animals. All of my gardens are totally organic so if I have to hand pick the slugs to get fresh lettuce, then hand pick I must!!!

I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Your roses are spectacular! Can't wait for blooms here! Have a wonderful holiday!
chris p

Marilyn Rock said...

Great post Elizabeth; very moving and meaningful. I wish you same - a very safe and happy Memorial Weekend.

artisbliss said...

My roses are coming on like gangbusters, too.


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