Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer is here!!

Well, it really got hot here in Virginia yesterday!! I guess that summer is really here! I have enjoyed the relatively cool weather that we have been having. It has been wonderful to be able to sit out on our deck and work on some projects and to be out in the garden at mid day without having to escape in side. now I will have to do most of my gardening in the early morning and early evening- that is fine too!

However, thanks to an absolutely fabulous Mother's Day gift from Tom and the kids, I can still work outside on the deck without slathering on the zinc oxide and sweating to death!!

Look at this fabulous huge umbrella! It is set up on a sort of canter lever arm so it can be cranked up and down very easily and the base is off set so there is tons of space under the canopy. It is just unbelievably large and cool- I LOVE it!!!

Now I can sit outside and project away, at least till the Mosquitos arrive and carry me away!! Happy Summer!!!

I will have more art to post soon!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Great post Elizabeth! Your umbrella sounds and looks marvelous! That made a great Mother's Day gift!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

What a wonderful hubster and kids! Great gift!!
chris p


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