Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fabric Collage Commission

A week ago last Saturday I drove my son and two of his friends to a Miniatures Gaming Convention in Baltimore. I was not overly enthused about the 1.5 hour trip to Baltimore but as none of the other parents were willing to help out, I drove anyway. This convention is put on by a British company named Games Workshop and I must take my hat off to them, as they had the forethought to set up a very nice, quiet Parents Lounge so the parents would have a safe haven to hide out from the noise and frenzied atmosphere. They know how to take care of the folks who pay the bills!! This helped my mood immensly, as I traveled armed with supplies for at least 5 different projects. (Better to take too many things to do, than to run out of things to do!!! ) I dropped off the boys and ran for cover!!!! I secured a table and set up my work area- I had taken beading projects and hand sewing work so I didn't occupy too much space. I had several nice conversations with several different parents and even ran into a few fellow artists! Many folks stopped by to investigate what I was doing. One very nice father, from New Jersey, was interested in the purse that I was working on. This piece is a commission for a gal who lives in Fredericksburg. That piece is almost identical to the collage purse that was the subject of a blog post of several weeks ago. Bruce asked if I could make an eye glass case using the same colors as the purse that I was currently working on. We settled on a price, exchanged e-mail and contact info, he paid me and went off to locate his kids!!!!! Think of what I would have missed if I had not driven the kids to the event. My ego was very well fed and I had been given inspiration for a new design as well as money for a piece of my very own work!!! (HAPPY DANCE TIME!!!)
So here is the piece that I created. I put it in the mail today after I sent pictures to Bruce for his approval. He is very pleased with it and feels that the recipient will be thrilled! ( More Happiness!!)

This is the front.

And the back.

A close up of the top, there is a tab of velcro sewn under the Butterfly bead.

And finally, the interior. The pocket portion is lined with a lavendar silk.

I am planning on creating more glass case to have on hand for holiday sales and hopefully I will get some over to my Etsy Shop as well. I just wish that I had a few more hours in my day!!!


BELINDA said...

Wow congratulations on your sale, and the works is beautiful I'm sure the receiver will be more than happy.Belinda

Vicki W said...

It's beautiful! I am certain that it will be loved!

Scrappy Cat said...

Elizabeth - your eyeglass case is beautiful! And how special to get a commission like that. Way to go!!

artbeth67 said...

This is very, very pretty! How could he not be happy with it? :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats Elizabeth! Art is a path isn't it? Beautiful eyeglass case!

Mo said...

Well good grief - of COURSE he was delighted with this! It's bee-yoo-tee-full! Kudos deluxe. (And where did you find the lovely purple fabric with text? Love & hugs. Mo

adiva said...

Dear Elizabeth:
I'm 'The Recipient!' I tried to post a comment last night when Bruce alerted me to my eyeglass case's newfound, Internet fame, but alas, it did not register. Nevertheless thank you so much for the beautiful textiles, bead, appliques and stitching! The colors are magnificent (I'm a big ocean and flora lover) How fortuitous that you two ran into one another at Warhammer College.

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful! I love your work.


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