Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reshuffled book parts-in other words, A COLLAGE!

I have just finished this piece for a good friend who lives in New York. We are doing a personal exchange. SHHHHH don't tell her that it is here!!!
The ""canvas" for this piece is the back cover of an old green cloth covered book. It measures about 11x14. I used another crumbling (literally) old book cover from an old Thesaurus ( the brown piece,) a journal entry from an old journal from 1926, an image of a bluebird from a vintage book with watercolor illustrations, some bits of my own hand made papers, a BlueJay feather, a piece of clam shell with worm holes in it, a frame from a vintage cabinet card phtot album and some of my handpainted fabric, a Vintage skeleton key and some pearl cotton to create the reat of the collage. Each piece is mounted on different elements to vary the height of each surface. I also rubbed various colors of Lumiere paints around the edges of the green book cover and the edges of the cabinet card frame.
I am planning on working on more pieces like this one as I had a great time creating this one. It was actually hard for me to part with this piece and that does not happen very often!!!!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Okay; I couldn't take it! Just knowing this was on your Blog - I'm weak!!! Elizabeth; this is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE it! It's elegant and filled with wonderful colors and touches! I just cannot wait to touch it and see it in person! The mailperson won't even have a fair chance of putting it in the mailbox. I'll see him coming up the drive and I'll grab it right from his pouch! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much! I've got yours all bundled up, here, and it will go to the post office in the morning. :)

ArtForFood said...

Wow! That is just gorgeous! Very inspiring.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

hugs chris

Ati. Norway. said...

This is so lovely, your friend will be the happiest person in the world when she get it !
Love the birds below too :)

BELINDA said...

Hi Elizabeth, You make such wonderful things for your friends, how generous you must be. I really love the key on this piece and the bird. Belinda


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