Monday, June 23, 2008

Banners and Paper Birds

You may remember from several posts back that I was taking part in a Paper Bird Tota swap. The word TOTA refers to the line or string of birds and animals that are hung with an ornament or bell at the bottom of the string. I received the birds in the mail the other day and I hope to get around to stringing them all together soon. In the meantime, here they are.

For some irritating reason , Blogger is insisting on uploading several of these pictures in the wrong orientation. ARGHHHHH!! You can still see how wonderful they all are however! these birds are alll made from paper with added embellishments of all sorts. Tis particular bird reminds me of colorful POP Art!!

I love all of the layers on this little birdie!

Maria made this little chick with all sort of vintage paper bits and a vintage photo!! Just love it!!!

Gaye made this little sweet wren with all sorts of wonderful stamped textures. Wren's were one of my grandmother's favorite birds, so this one is special!

This beautiful turquoise and blue bird has wonderful metal embellishments on her wings!

This is how I plan to string them. The bird at the bottom is one of the birds that I made for the swap. I will share one final time once the tota is strung!!

Now I have some Banner Penants to share. On one of my groups we are having a Banner swap. The banner when complete will spell out the word "INSPIRATION". So there are 11 of us participating , one artist per word and we must each make 11 penants with our chosen letter on it. Each artist also chose a color theme or color combo for their particiular banner. So I have completed 11 banner penants with the letter N in various color combo's. I chose for my color combination "Artists Choice" as I wanted each artist to let their own colors out, so to speak.

I apologize for these pictures being so dark! I did not check the pictures after taking them and now the banners are on their way to the swap hostess in Oregon!!

The gals who these banners are for chose green cream and brown,lime green turquoise and brown, shabby chic-any colors, and the bottom one was to be in red, pink and orange.

For these banners the artists chose Artists' Choice (that one will be in my banner), colors of the SEA and Celelstial colors. Now once the hostess gets banners from all 11 artists, she will sort them all by name and send us back our penants spelling "Inspiration". We are all very excited about this swap as we have been posting pictures of our penants as we have finished them. The completed piece is going to be glorious!!!

I have several more projects to finish up, several of which are commissions, so I will be back to check in later!


BELINDA said...

Hi Elizabeth, oh how I would love to be involved in some of the swaps you are in. I have a store bought tota with a beautiful rusty bell in the bottom, it is no where near as nice as yours is going to be. I have been planning on making one myself for a while. Belinda

Sequana said...

I just love how my blog-won bird looks hanging here. You did get the pic I sent you, right? I'd hate to think it had gone into your spam folder or somewhere.

artisbliss said...

Love the birdies, and the banner swap is a brilliant idea.

Laura Krasinski said...

THe birds are great... I also love the banners... great swaps...

Jacky said...

Elizabeth your banners look great! I cant wait to get them all back!!
My birdies have arrived and they are very special. I am going to try and string them all up this weekend.
(Havent done my fabric birdies as a tota yet as I have them all sitting in a little nest and they look so gorgeous I am going to leave them that way for a while.)


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