Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sunprint Fabric Dyeing

Today several friends joined me on our deck to dye some fabrics. I had agreed to teach them how to use the Setacolor Dyes by Pebo- not that there is anything to teach. All that is necessary is to dilute the dyes with water, paint it on the fabrics of choice and then mask off areas of fabric that will appear lighter in color once the fabric dries in the sun. We have had beautiful clear dry weather for the last couple of days so once the dye was applied and the masks were on , it only took about a half hour in the sun to dry everything.!!

Here you see a portion of our projects laid out on the lawn in the sun. The areas that are covered by foliage or stencils or cutouts or doillies will end up being lighter in color than the surrounding areas.

On this piece I used grassey weeds and Creeping Jenny groundcover for the maks. Then blow, you can see the dried piece with the foliage (masks) removed.

This piece was covered with a large stencil.

On the left you can see a piece that was covered with a letter stencil, a shapes stencil and a plastic doillie. On the right is a piece that still has the leaves (masks) and salt on top of the damp fabric.

This was an old pulled thread napkin that is now adorned with Olde English script letters from a quilting stencil!!!
And my favorite shot of a pile of dried fabrics stacked up and ready to take inside. I thought that the impromptu collage was very colorful and fun!!
Now we all have lots of creating to do!! (You should see my shirt- it is now beautifully decorated with splatters from the leftover drops of dye!!)


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

What fun-these pieces are fantastic!!! I need to do something like this!!!!
hugs, chris

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful colors here this morning Elizabeth! Great technique!

mariasangel said...

hi elizabeth! these are great! another thing to add to my list of things to try ;)


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