Friday, June 13, 2008

Iressistable Wax Rubbings

Wax rubbings combined with paint techniques is the subject of the Latest Crusade from Michelle Ward and the Street Team. Way back, somewhere in my past I have memories of doing some gravestone rubbings in Orleans, Ma, on Cape Cod. that was probably back in the early 70's when "It Was The thing To Do". We were never quite sure what to do with the rubbings when we were done!

This technique has sparked some fun memories and I have definate ideas of what "To Do" with these samples and future attempts!!

Lately I have been working with lots of fabric- old lines doilies and such no matter what condition. I have been dying them using various methods and next I will be using the bits in fabric collages and dolls and some Art Quilts. this piece was on my table to be dyed and as it has wonderful texture in the hand done lace, I decided to try using it for a rubbing.

Here is the linen piece:

(For some reason, Blogger is insisting on posting this shot vertically, and after 3 tries to correct the orientation , this is how it stays!!! ARGHHHH!!!)

Here is the rubbing done with a purple crayon and then painted with Lettuce acylic paint from Ranger.

Next I did a rubbing of a simple stencil, nothing too daring.

This was done with a green crayon and a blue wash with the same typw of acrylic paint.

Next I did a stencil placed on top of my precious piece of star sequin waste. ( I only have this one piece and it is getting so paint encrusted itself , it makes a great surface for rubbings. I would love to find more of this stuff. Any Ideas, anyone????)

I did this one with the purple crayon/Lettuce paint combo.

this is yet another technique that I know that I will revisit when I emerge from dyeing vats and fabric fluff and obsession!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful rubbings Elizabeth! WOW! And congrats to Becca for all of her rewards; she's amazing!

Kim Mailhot said...

Your rubbings turned out so well - I love the stencil and the sequin waste ! I saw some for sale at SkyBluePink (white star shapes) if you want to buy some more !
Cheers to the crusade !

Sequana said...

You do such varied and beautiful projects. *S* I just got my winning bird and tassle today. It's just wonderful! I'll be hanging her at the bottom of my felt mobile right over one of my sewing machines. I'll see her all the time there. THANKS!

michelle ward said...

Elizabeth - You make an observation I agree with - we all probably have some rubbing in our history (I remember using tin foil to press onto textures too). Thanks for sharing your rubbings. The lace is a terrific idea. Isn't fun to look at things with new eyes? Thanks for sharing with the team!

Patti G. said...

The rubbings look ggggggreat Elizabeth and Becca is such a pretty young lady! Congratulations to her for her accomplisments! You must be so proud!!!
Just popping in to say hello and send a hug!!!!

thethinkingwoman said...

These look excellent! Never thought of lace doilies. Hmm! Thanks for the inspiration. -- JeriAnn

iHanna said...

Wow, all the things you've "rubbed" are great images with swirly patterns - thanks for sharing! have fun with the dying too!

Tina said...

your rubbings are great! The sequin waste can be found at a fabric store.. Hancocks has it in my town. Have you checked there?

Anonymous said...

Great idea to use the lace - and love the star sequin waste. I hadn't thought of using it for rubbing, although I only have the plain sequin waste not fancy stars!


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