Friday, June 13, 2008

What a week!!

Has it really been a week since my last post??? I guess so! So much for posting every day!!

Well, the kids are both done with school. Matthew will be a Junior in High School next year- (read College Search Begins!!!) Becca will be entering 6th grade as a Middle Schooler.
We celebrated 5th Grade Recognition Night last night and Becca wond several awards. She recieved the presidentila Award for Academic Excellence and an Award for "Broadcasting Excellence" for the local in school TV station. Needless to say we are quite proud of her and pleased for her!
To top it all off Becca's class won the 5th grade Kick Ball tournament and beat the teachers in the End of the Year Game. Mrs. Baker , their classroom teacher was on the kid's team , as part of the class , and pulled a Ham string rounding the bases!! She told me that she had run track in High School and has always figured that she could do it forever (her class has won the kid's tournament 5 years in a row, she is a grandmother of 4 and is 62 years old- she looka about 40!! And Oh My Goodness What a wonderful teacher!!!)The reward for winning the final game was a run thru the halls of the school, while WE WILL ROCK YOU by the group Queen was being played over the loud speaker. As Running in the Halls is something that IS JUST NEVER DONE, this is quite a big deal and a huge tradition. All of the other classes ,K-5 line the halls and high-5 the kids as they jog by! the pride and exhilaration on the kids faces just forces huge smiles and tears to all eyes!!
Becca with her 5th grade teacher Mrs. Baker.
Becca nda I after the festivities. Becca was shocked when I came downstaris in a dress! She is definately becoming a teenager!!! Here we go!!!

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