Friday, June 6, 2008

The Birdies!!

I am sorry that I have been late with the posting of the winners of my Birthday Birdies Drawing!! We have just gotten power restored on the computers after terrible storms (including Tornado touchdown 5 miles south) on Wednesday night. We did take the list of comments and the hat to the basement with us on the night of the storms to figure out who had won. When storms come up I need to come up with anything that I can to distract my poor Becca. She really is a wreck during any kind of stormy weather. We really thought that we had left this kind of weather behind us when we moved from Oklahoma!!!!!

So enough suspense!!

The winners are : Barb B., Susan S,. Ariel F, and Sequana.
Your birdies will be in the mail on monday along with some colorful tassels that I have just finished.
You may , if you wish, hang the tassel from the bottom of the bird or do something else with it entirely!!

For those who did not get drawn from the hat this time, I will be having more drawings so please stop by every once in awhile to see what I am up to. I really enjoyed this event; you all really helped to get me through this last 40's b-day!!!!
At this time of year I can hardly do a single post without sharing what is blooming in my garden!!
The garden is going to be quite something this year as we have had a lot of rain with all of these storms and the perrenisals have been in the ground now for a full 3 years!
I am working on a collection of Japanese Iris- I just love them!!

This is a new Coneflower called Sundowner- arent the colors on the petals wonderful?? These flowers are also magnets for butterflies and hummingbirds!

My edible pod pease which I usually eat up before I even manage to get inside!!!

And my beautiful lettuce! ( that I stole from the slugs by picking the little slim balls off by hand!!!)

I hope thta everyone has a happy and artful weekend! I will be at a big quilt Show tomorrow helping a friend who will be a vendor at the show. It is suppossed to be a dangerously hot day here in VA so it will be a good place to be!!!!


Needleroozer said...

COngrats to the winners! I love those tassels!
Glad to hear your family is safe, and that the storms were not closer than 5 miles.

barbara burkard said...

WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!! and omgoodness...i'm sooo excited!!! thank you!!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Congrats to the birdie winners! Wonderful! Great challenge Elizabeth. The pictures of the flowers - just gorgeous - thank you. Sorry about your weather; glad you and yours are okay. We are experiencing high heat and humidity now; storms on horizon beginning of week :(

Dot said...

You are VERY generous my friend! I am sure that the lucky winners will adore their birdies(and yummy tassells).

Love the photo's ofyour garden and of your family in the post below.

artisbliss said...

I'm so excited be a birdie winner!!

I love your garden photos. I wish we could grow hydrangeas but our weather is just too extreme. It's possible, but they have to be planted in just the right spot and be babied quite a bit.

Too bad about your awful weather. We've had our share in Kansas this year, too.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I'm totally NOT used to the tornado warnings even NOW after living here in ALABAMA the last 2 years... I admit I don't take the warnings as seriously as I should.

glad you are safe, whata fun giveaway!

Just wanted to stop in & say hello. :) xo, Monica


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