Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fountains, A Bird Quiltie and Family Photos!!

Well, I got thru my birthday and was alot less shakey about the whole thing on June 1st- the morning after! I did have a very nice weekend! Becca won her softball game, we had a nice rain with No Tornados, I got some art time in and we bought a water fountain bird bath for the garden as my birthday present. I have always wanted to have the sound of water in the garden. i also love having the birds around as they are so important for the biological health of the environment. This little fountain sits right off the front porch and Tom will eventually hard wire it into the light post so we can do away with the lovely orange extension cord!

Almost as soon as we got the pump running and water flowing, a big fat Robin came along and took a bath, displacing 2/3 of the water!! It was such fun to sit up on the porch and watch! I am really going to have to keep an eye on the water level to avoid ruining the pump!!

My Birthday was also a wonderful mail day! I got a terrific package from my wonderful friend Jacky form OZ! It was stuffed full of wonderful art goodies, everything from gel pens to wonderful paper napkins, rhinestones and ribbons and crowned with the most wonderful Bird Quiltie ever!! I have long admired Jacky's whimsical style and her handstitching and color combos are just divine!! I have found the perfect piece of Rappahanock River driftwood to hang it from and it will be part of the new art display that I am arranging in the family room.

The Quiltie is about 8x8 and this picture just does not do all of the colors justice!! I just adore this piece ! I love the legs on the bird!! Speaking of long legged birds, one of the things that I requested for my birthday were some family pictures. So on Sunday before it got to hot and before teenagers got crabby, I gathered my birds out in the side yard for a photo shoot.

Note that the Dad is standing on the high side of the slope as Matthew the 16 year old is going to pass Dad by any minute!! Tom, the Dad, is 6ft 3in. Becca, the other long legged bird, is 11 and is going to be passing the Mom very soon!! As I am the photographer in the family I don't have many pictures of me with my kids so this was my chance!!

We will end with a shot of the biggest bird in the family, also known as the biggest kid! You can now appreciate what I put up with around here!!! ( And I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!)

We certainly are not Brad and Angelina, but who cares!! I am so blessed with a marvelous family and wonderful friends!!!

Now I am off to work on finishing up some tassels for the birdie Birthday Giveaway that will be taking place tomorrow! If you have not left a comment for the drawing, now may be your last chance. Scroll down to the post titled "The Last One in the Forties" and say hi and you will be included in the drawing for one of 4 brids, to take place on June 4!!

I'll be back tomorrow to post the results, after Becca Bird draws the four names out of the proverbial hat!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Your birthday sounds like it was wonderful! Great fountain! I can't keep my birdbaths upright with all the winds and storms!!!!
hugs, chris

Marilyn Rock said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! Wonderful pics here. I'm glad you had a nice celebration; love your family pictures! Good health and family - priceless!!!!

artisbliss said...

The fountain is wonderful, and I agree about having birds in the garden.

Brad and Angelina are overrated.

Jacky said...

Looks like you had a great birthday Elizabeth...love seeing the photos of yourself and your family. I would be such a midget at your house (all of 5' nothing!!!).
I am so pleased you loved your quiltie and your other gifties - what a lovely idea this birthday swap was (and I am so glad I got you!)
The little bird bath looks lovely in your garden too...what a lovely birthday, thanks for sharing.

Needleroozer said...

It was great fun to see your beautiful family, and I am very glad you had a wonderful birthday!
Now- can you please post who won the sweet little birdies?!?!

Dot said...

You are beautiful Elizabeth - inside and out!

inventivesoul said...

Beautiful garden, and beautiful family!
Thank you for joining the pink swap!
Amber Dawn


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