Sunday, July 13, 2008

Collage Swap With A Wonderful Friend!!

I have just finished this Collage for my good friend Martha!! We are both involved in a group that is doing a one-on-one House Collage Swap. I have been thinking about my approach to this project for a very long time and as my accelerated deadline loomed, I knew that I had to get on it!! This Tuesday , my daughter and I are leaving for our annual Girls Only Beach Road Trip and I will be gone for about two weeks!

I started with an 11x14 canvas that I had already added texture-via Gesso and tissue paper , and several washes of blue paint. I used some of my own collage paper for the body of the house, painted and torn corrugated cardboard for the roof and picket fence, napkin tops and stampings for the garden and part of a collapsable ruler for the roof line. The window in the attic was created by cutting out a space for the peice of heart shaped river glass that I found on a walk by the Rappohanock River last month. I am really pleased with how this piece came together and I have already heard that Martha is thrilled with it!!! that just makes me sooooo happy!!

Here are a few more pictures to show you some of the details!

As Martha has just purchased her first house I put the number 1 on the front door and I made the door out of a piece of sheet music as I know that her house is a place of sanctuary peace and music for her!
Oh yes, there is also a tiny fairy up in the left hand corner blessing the house with fairy dust! How could we all survive without fairy dust???????


Vicki W said...

Very, very nice!!

Marilyn Rock said...


artisbliss said...

This is wonderful, Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful piece!


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