Sunday, July 13, 2008

Think Pink Charm Swap to Benefit Breast Cancer!!

As you know I participated in creating a few two inch squares to create a skirt for a collaborative art doll named Love Squared. Do you remeber her beautiousness????

She has been created by 182 artists from all over the world and will be raffled off beginning in August!! It's coming, it's coming!! you too can help us by buying a 10 $ raffle ticket which gives you TWO chances to win this beauty and a chance at some wonderful art prizes donated by artists!! This is a win-win deal !! For you and for Breast Cancer Research!! All money raised- yes every single penny, will go to the Susan G. Karmen Breast Cancer Research Fund!!!

The story of Love Squared will be published in the Upcoming Issue of ART DOLL QUARTERLY magazine. The issue will hit your favorite news stand in August!!!!

These are just a few pictures of Love Squared. To see more click on the Pink Button that began this post!!

Just a few more enticing tidbits to tempt you - Her headpeice is a hand beaded bracelet cuff that will fit any wrist, her bag is a beautifully crafted purse for everyday use and the box that Love holds contains 182 beautiful butterflies that represent the hopes of each contributing artist- our hopes for the cure for Breast Cancer!!

And now for the Think Pink Charm Swap!! Artist Amber Dawn came up with this brilliant idea to create art Charm Bracelts that will be two of the additional prizes available with each raffle ticket purchased. Each participating artist is creating 12 unique PINK charms. Two of each artists charms will be combined with charms from the entire group to make two individual charm bracelets that will be prize bracelets. Each artist will also recieve 10 charms in return for the 12 that they each created.

Here are the charms that I have created for this terrific swap!

The parameters for this swap were PINK!!!! I mde thes beads using PINK fabric/paper with glitter and shine and crystals and love!!! I will be sending these off to Amber in the morning!! In several weeks I will recieve a lovely packet of ten charms created by other artists who are taking part in this swap. Then I will have to decide what to create with my charms, a necklace perhaps- I don't wear many bracelts as I am into too many different things that might damage them. I will be sure to share my creation with you!!!


inventivesoul said...

Thank you for being so enthusiastic Elizabeth!
You made them so pretty! It makes me smile!
The Think Pink project is SO wonderful!
I really believe these runner up charm prizes will be something that people will treasure and enjoy.
I will let you know when they arrive.
Have a beautiful week Elizabeth.
Amber Dawn

inventivesoul said...

They have arrived! So pretty!
And they are so well made!
(As usual, since your charms are always well made!)
Thank you for joining us!
Amber Dawn


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