Saturday, July 5, 2008

Floral Stationery!

Well, here we go!! I have added my Floral Stationary packages to my Etsy shop! I am selling the stationery in sets of 5 cards each in it's own protective sleeve. I have grouped each set by flower type. I have a set of Hydrangeas (one of my favorites), Iris (another favorite), Lilies (another favorite) and Roses (my most favorite favorite!!). Over on the left you can see little thumbnail pictures of each package and if you would like more details, you can click on the box and you will be instantly whisked away to my Etsy shop!! If you know anyone who loves flowers and/or who needs a wonderfully functional gift idea, send them on over to my shop!!

Short and to the point posting tonight!! I will have more art for you tomorrow or the next day!!

1 comment:

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful cards Elizabeth!


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