Sunday, September 21, 2008

A New Matched Set

I used one of the sheets of fabric paper that I showed you in my previous post, to create more beads to finish off a set of jewelry for a good friend. Last Christmas for a gift exchange, I wrapped up one of my bracelets. My new friend and soon to be Watercolor Instructor picked my name for the exchange. Two weeks ago she asked me to create a set of earrings and a necklace to go along with her bracelet. She said that she wears her bracelet all of the time, gets lots of complements and wanted to know if I could complete the set for her.
The turquoise, green, copper piece that you see immediately to the left is what I used to create the beads for the new earrings and necklace.
Here is a shot of the original bracelet with the new earrings. I used turquoise beads from Pakistan below each fabric/paper bead (that had been wrapped with green fibers before glazing) and then placed a handmade recycled glass bead from Tanzania and two colored glass beads on top.
Here is the completed set minus a part of the toggle. I think that Ariel will be quite pleased with how these pieces turned out! Now I have aquite a bit of left over Fabric/paper in this colorway to create more beads for different projects.


Linda said...

Hi Elizabeth - I'm so glad Jacky sent you over to my blog because now I have found yours! Your work is beautiful; I especially love your jewellery and these are my absolute favourite colours. Just wonderful.
Love Linda
PS Thank you for the kind comment about my drawing1

sandee said...

Elizabeth...what a BEAUTIFUL jewelry set!

Now, I have a birthday coming up too and I was thin...........

Really, just gorgeous!!!

barbara burkard said...

oh oh oh...these are just spectacular!!!! i created a bracelet using some of the beads you sent and goodness...they just RADIATE the love that you put into their creation!!!!

miss you!

artbeth67 said...

STUNNING is all I can say!!! WOW!!! LOVE THEM :)


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