Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Projects Underway

So....... I have heard some grumblings that I have not been posting enough!! Sorry 'bout that but I have been busy!! Not sure doing what , but busy none the less. The age old dilemma of too much to do and far too little time!!!

I have some new projects to share and most of them are in progress!!
This is a piece of collaged fabric that will become a purse for a friend who is a weaver and a potter. We are going to trade for each other's wares. She has made some beautiful goblets that I want to give to a very special couple for Christmas and she has requested a purse large enough for her water bottle and her wallet, made with greens, blues and brown. Now that the fabric is complete I have to construct the purse, line it and embellish.
The next project involves making fabric/paper for bead making and for covering journals.
I have made three different color ways that you can see to the left.
The piece here at the bottom is collaged paper on fabric which I then paint scraped in turquoise , lime gree copper and gold. The scraped paint caught on the edges of the layered papers and gave the piece the terrrific texture that I love.
THese are some of my Scrappy Beads earrings that I have developed for sale to a shop in North Carolina. These beads are made from all silk fabric scraps and they are very light weight. Once I finish this order I hope to have some of these earrings available in my ETSY Store for the holidays. These are alot of fun to wear and always generate lots of comments as folks try to figure out what they are!!
I have to get back to work and finish these projects up and I will be sure to post again SOON to show you how things have turned out!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Gorgeous fabric jewelry!!! WOWSER!

mariasangel said...

hey elizabeth! i always love seeing the fabric and paper you create! so many beautiful colors!! your scrappy bead earrings are darling!! can't wait to see your finished purse!

Jacky said...

Wow Elizabeth you have been a busy beaver...LOVE all of these gorgeous papers and fabrics and the beads you are making are amazing!
Looking forward to seeing that purse finished, love the fabric collage!


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