Sunday, November 23, 2008

Creative Cooking-Dinner and a Movie.

Yesterday afternoon we had some great family time. It has gotten quite cold here in VA and we were all in for the day and settled down to watch WALL-e, the new Pixar that has just come out on DVD. The kids and I had gone to the theatre to see the movie when it first came out but Tom was in Europe at the time so it was a first for him. Before we settled in, I got some pizza dough rising.

I was on the living room floor with both dogs circling me. Buddy wanted me to take my usual position at the end of the couch so he could wedge himself in beside me right next to the sofa arm. Pepper, the bigger dog, wanted to crawl into my lap and gaze into my eyes. She is a very odd dog, we can't seem to figure out why she wants to be so in our faces. She stares deeply into our eyes with none of the usual dog behavior of being challenged by deep direct eye contact. Maybe she really is "not all there upstairs." Anyway I was trying to cut out some shapes from my fabric paper while still being "with" the whole family- the dogs made sure that I was "with "them!!
This is the dogs prefered seating arrangement. IT is such a good thing that we have the couch for the dogs, don't you agree????? SHEEESH!!!

Of course they will conceed to a sharing arrangment if we push it!

Now you can see that I always have company as I work at the computer. In the winter it is quite nice to have lower lumbar heated back support. In the summer, not so much!
He curls up and pushes away at me so he gets some space and before long I find myself on the edge of the seat, But I am warm!!!
He is pretty darn cute and will stay there for as long as I am there. If I give my seat up to someone else he refuses to stay put. He loves his Mum!!!

I digress: back to dinner and a movie!!!
We all thoroughly enjoyed the Wal-e: a real thought provoking examination of how we are treating our planet. I highly reccomend it.
As the movie wound up and the sun had set, we sat down to a pizza feast!

To meet all pizza tastes, I have graduated to making two very large pies. In the foreground we have sun dried tomatoes, green peppers and mushrooms (Veggie for me), on the same pie with Becca's green pepper and Italian Sweet sausage. The boys got a whole pepperoni and mushroom for themselves and there is none of that pie left for today's lunch. It was all yummy!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I guess that is one good thing about cold weather--the hunker down and stay cozy with family time! I sure wish I could taste that pizza. How're the birds coming along??

Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, your pizza looks yyyyyyyummy and the kids and dogs and all seem happy! WHAT A happy moment! Just warms the heart!

artisbliss said...

I have no dogs but four cats who always want to be in the middle of whatever I'm doing. At least they're good for keeping us warm!


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