Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fancy Gesso Tags for the Birdies!

After popping over to Michelle Ward's Street Team blog to check on the new Crusade, I was inspired to use the suggested Gesso Resist Technique to fancy up some tags for some Assemblages that went into the mail today. The Birdies will be for sale at GRACE ARTS in Reston VA, for their Annual Giving Gallery Event thru the Holidays. Y'all keep your fingers crossed that they sell out and I have to make more, OK??

Now back to the tags!! I love Gesso resist and I had a blast diverting off track to whip up these tags!

Sorry about the glare on the photo! It was late last evening and I used wonderfully metallic Lumiere paint for some extra holiday BLing, so there was quite a bit of reflective quality even without a flash! I am quite pleased that I took a bit of extra time to make these as they will add such a nice finishing touch to my Birdie Assemblages.

Addendum- As I was slogging through the mountain that my "work table" had become, (I use the term in quotes since when the studio table becomes too impossible, the kitchen table becomes the prefered alternate-I know that I am not alone in this behavior!!!) I came across some gesso resist tags that I had created for another sales opportunity. Here they are:

I used a very fine line stamp for these tags and once the gesso was dry I spritzed each one with Glimmer Mists in several colors. I managed to get a pretty good picture but the Glimmer and shimmer is not apparent. They are very shimmery. I just love Glimmer mists!!
post edited Nov. 23

Now I suppose , you want to see the Birdies??? Thought that you would never ask!!

As many of you know , I make these tweeters out of found objects and recycled itmes exclusively! Don't you just love the gams on the two to the right?? The middle bidie has legs made from typewriter linkages and the one on the far right has legs made form old adding machine number dials!!!

The birdie on the left has a body made from a vintage drink coaster and the one on the right has a body made from the bottom of a soda can. Last year a sold 10 of these tweeters at this same gallery and they approached me this year asking for more. Too Cool!! I just pray that they sell!! Fingers crossed.
I know that the glitzy tags will be just the ticket for boosting sales!!


Julie said...

Lovely tags! They go perfect with your birdies!

Kim Mailhot said...

your tags are great (I love Lumiere paints too! What great effects they give!) but your birdies !!!!! They are spectacular ! I love them ! You are sure to do very well with selling them ! Best of luck !

Cheers, Crusader !

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I love your creativity. It is an inspiration to see. I got started blogging thanks to encouragement from my blogging friends, so I wanted you to know--I finally got here!

Did you know you sold out of your cute birdies in the guild workshop at LT? Make more, girl!

Patti G. said...

Great tags Elizabeth and they will show off your sweet birdies just perfectly! Good luck doll(not that you need it!)

artisbliss said...

Wonderful tags and perfect for the birdies.

michelle ward said...

elizabeth - i can imagine how spectacular these are with the mists because they look great here too. thanks for sharing them with the team. perfect timing to get us thinking about making tags for the holidays.

PLO said...

I have got to find some of those mists! Your birds are delightful, I am sure that they are all going to sell out! I am amazed at the great resist you got on the tags!

Artfully yours, Linda said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I just wanted you to know that the birdie I got from you last year at Christmas time has settled in and can't wait for the Christmas tree to be put up. Happy Holidays - hope to see you soon! Linda

Artfully yours, Linda said...

Hi Elizabeth,
the birdie I got last year is patiently waiting for the Christmas tree to be put up. Hope to see you soon! Linda

Ro Bruhn said...

Great tags and I love your 'found' birds, you do them so well.

Jacky said...

Elizabeth they are gorgeous birdies...I KNOW they will sell!

Love your tags too. Lots of fun the gesso resist method and I love the look.

MMMMMmmmmmm those pizza's looked good!

Robin said...

Wow, I love these tags. How did you get the gesso to make such fine, clear lines?

barbara burkard said...



KathrynAntyr said...

Your tags are gorgeous and your birds are adorable. Well done!

Kim Tedrow said...

Great tags, I really like how the misted ones turned out, I think I will have to get some of that product! Thanks, Kim

Anonymous said...

Ooohh those birdies are too cute - you're right. Those legs are classic! And the tags are glorious. Glimmermist - hmm, not sure yet. Have played with it at a scrapbooking class but can't convince myself I need to go buy some.


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