Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Work

Well ,I got all of the pictures loaded yesterday , but I did not get much furhther! Saturday was our Hme Show of Fine Craft. Five of us displayed our ART and advertized heavily and we were rewarded with lots of folks looking and closely examining and trying to gleen details and very few buyers. Several folks wanted to know precise details about our processes and we had to stick to generalities as people became more insistent. There is a way to discuss an artists work and their process and then there is a way to become pushy and disrespectful- has anyone else run into this???

Enough griping! I did sell two of my favortite pieces to relatively new aquaintances who bonded with my work. One woman said that she could " Feel my soul in the piece" that she chose! These two sales made the whole day worth while!!!!!

This is the piece that dear Cheryl purchased. It is 6x8 and a collage of Fabric/paper elements that have been beaded and embellished. The phrase reads; A Joyous Heart Empowers Life.
This is a similar piece that measures 11x14 and is done using the same method as the piece above. the phrase reads; The Beginning is Always Today. I will be featuring similar pieces at my Etsy Shop very soon!
I created 20 of these 2x3 collaged clipboard ornaments and sold only 1!! THe price was 6$. They are collaged front and back!
These are double sided fabric/paper quilted ornaments that will be appearing soon at Elizajean at Etsy.

I will also have a flock of Fabric/paper bird ornaments on hand as well. These measure 3x2 and look fabulous hanging on the tree! the price was 10$.
This is a new collage necklace that I will have no trouble wearing!! It seems that the best advertizing that one can do is wearing your creations. I had this piece 90% complete when I recieved a package that contained a costume necklace made from the blue teardrop crystals on the right side of the necklace. After a bath in Dawn dish soap , this jewel topped added the perfect finish to this piece!! Is Aquamarine anyones favorite color??

The next best thing to emerge from my Show experience was my new display!! Several months ago I found two old lamp shades out on the curb next to someones trash. I jumped out of my van and snatched them up!! They were covered with rotten ivory moire and had some reallly neat gold trim edging top and bottom. I knew that I would use them for something but at the time I had no idea what that would be. I had a need for a way to display lots of hanging items and I needed a way to make a display that was efficient in size and transport ability. One morning, while in the shower (I often get my very best ideas while I am in the shower), I came up with a way to use my lamp shade! I stripped the fabric off of the frame, saved the wonderful gold trim and added wire struts for added hanging area. Then I mounted the shade frame on a floor lamp base, inserted a 40 watt candle lightbulb and hung all of my ornaments, jewelry and cones from my new display!! In this picture you do not see the candle bulb and I could not get a good picture of the display when it was lit. The lighting did wonderful thigns for the jewelry that contained crystals and the light made the fabric/paper ornaments, birds and cones glow with warmth. I screwed on the top finial but not too tightly as I found that I could rotate the shade!!!! Totally brilliant, if I do say so myself!!!!
The LESSON here is:
NEVER pass Up a vintage wire framed lampshade, especially when found free on trash day!!!!!
Here is a shot of the rest of my display at the show.
This picture was taken the night before so you will have to imagine that the twinkle lights were lit on the table and the tree! (I had forgotten an extention cord, but all was ready for action by the next morning!)


artbeth67 said...

Beautiful stuff! Congrats on your sales and thanks for sharing :)

barbara burkard said...

spectacular art!!! when people ask how things are made..tell them you are planning to offer classes...soon..and have them jot down contact info and tell them that you will be in touch!

Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, All I can say is WOW!!!!!
I love the pieces you've sold, beautiful, your ornaments, wonderful, the beautiful and creative display, you go girl!
All of your creations that will on etsy as well! Just super! And the hand bag below that I missed somehow........oooooolalaloveit!!


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