Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Lot of the Latest!

I have been pulling lots of started projects together as I have a Home Show coming up this weekend. Yes ! It IS about time that I finished these things off!
Here are some fo my latest Fabric /Paper gift cones. These can be used for display- either filled with dried flowers ; or as a wonderful container for a special little treasure of a gift.
Each piece is created using a double sided piece of fabric/paper giving both the inside and outside collaged elements.
Some are trimmed with vintage lace others have beaded fringe.
I have also created another beaded fabric collage purse. This one is more of an evening bag clutch style. I incorporated a vintage cotton pillow case into the front flap closure and you can see the decorative scalloped edge.
I lined the bag with Dupioni silk that is pink/orange with a color shift in the weave. If you hold it one way you see pink, another way you see orange. I just happened to have this in my stash!! I love these projects as I am using up lots of my fabrics and beads!!
Next is a picture of the back of the purse- the computer insisted on loading this image in the wrong orientation- sorry about that!!
YOu can also see that I beaded the edge after I sewed the side seams.
And now for one of my greatest ongoing projects!! My daughter Becca!!
Here she is snuggled up with Buddy. She gets so excited when Buddy deams her worthy of his attention. He is very much a one person dog, but on this day he decided that Becca really was pretty special!! Every once in awhile he smartens up!!
I must get back to work!! I have many more things to finish before the show on Saturday. What ever does not sell will be coming to my Etsy Site!! Keep your fingers crossed for me. College tuition bills start in two short years!!!!!


Vicki W said...

Your gift cones are very cool. I hope they and the lovely purse sell out at your show!

The Blue Plum Shop said...

Those are beautiful!!!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Fabulous creations!! Good luck!!!
chris p

Julie said...

Beautiful creations! Good luck this weekend.

artisbliss said...

Wow, that purse is an eye popper!


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