Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beads and Birds

This is going to be very brief!! (Don't Laugh!!)
I just want to keep you up to date on some new work that is off toan opening tomorrow. I have an opportunity to take part in a Crafts Emporium at Liberty Town Galleries in Fredericksburg. The Opening event- called First Friday is this Friday!
Here is a flock of Fabric/Paper Birds that is ready to fly off. I make the birds in two sizes and some are in Christmas colors while the other's are just bright colors of all sorts and patterns.
These birds are alot of fun to make as each one is totally unique- takes more time for me to get bored with the whole thing!!!
Yesterday I amde up several pairs of earrings with my Fabric/Paper Beads and some fishing tackle. I am pleased with how they turned out but I had forgotten how long it takes to come up with the patterning scheme for the first earring in each pair!! It took me most of a day to create 5 pairs of earrings!
Sea Glass Blue
(I took pictures before I added the earwires so I would not forget to take the pictures!!)



And Purple and Green- these aren't going anywhere but in my own little ears!!

I actually made two sets of Red earrings as I plan to send one of those pairs off to Tanzania to my 16 year old niece Mali- she Loves danglie earrings!


Patti G. said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL birds Elizabeth and your earrings with the handmade paper beads........WOWZA!!!
Good luck girlfriend! (Not that you need it!) <3

The Blue Plum Shop said...

I am a huge bird lover. Yours are spectacular!!!

TracyB said...

LOVE those birds!!!

Thank you for your very nice compliments you left on my blog :)

The bamboo? You can find it at Dharma Trading.

ariel freeman said...

I just love what you are doing. Your work is truly one-of-a-kind and absolutely beautiful. I smile everytime I see those little birds. Good luck at the Emporium! Warmest, Ariel

Marilyn Rock said...

Birds and beads!! Here's another "b" word.........beautiful Elizabeth!

Jacky said...

Elizabeth I loooove those birds (yes, still love the birdies). I am sure they will sell well at the Emporium, they are gorgeous.

Beautiful earrings too. Your handmade beads make them very unique and give them your very own personal touch which I love.

Loving your art.

Jacky xox

Dot said...

Your birds are STUNNING! I feel very blessed to have one of your beauties! Am sure they will sell well.

And your earrings are wonderful!

barbara burkard said...

my little birdie hanging in my studio was chirpin away...must have been a SIGN...that you had posted some sisters and brothers for her to see! hee hee...THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!


Ro Bruhn said...

Your birds are just divine, I love the fibre hanging from them. Their expressions are fantastic, they really look as if they're peering out of the window. Your hand made beads are beautiful, they look like glass.

Rosie said...

Oh WOW the purple and green earrings are my favourite! I absolutely love them.

katelnorth said...

love those birds - they are fab.

Judy said...

Oh, I am in love with those birds!! And your earrings are great too! Wish I had more time to wander around your blog!!



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