Thursday, December 4, 2008

Results of my latest Watercolor Class

I have just finished up my third watercolor class and I am going to share the results with you! This time we did leaf prints. After creating a wash of color on our paper, we painted real leaves and pressed them carefully down onto the paper, with the vein side down. Then we had to walk away!!! Don't Touch! Do Not Disturb!! FOGET ABOUT IT!!!!!! That was hard! In order to attain the most texture and detail, it is imperative to allow the paint to dry fully before the leaves are removed!!
At that point we added more color and worked on hard and soft edges . Then we added negative space painting to create layers within the painting!! This was a very rewarding and enjoyable class for me- I fell like I "got IT" in this class most of all. Maybe that is because I am getting more comfortable with the medium, not sure.
The piece itself measures 8 x10.
Here is a tighter shot, so you can catch some of the detail.


The Blue Plum Shop said...

That is gorgeous!!!

Scrappy Cat said...

Omigosh, you certainly did "get it" - this is wonderful!

Julie said...

It's great funprinting with leaves and you have got some lovely colours and textures with this method.

Mo said...

This is EXQUISITE!!! Yes, I'd definitely say that you "got it". Keep on getting it, girlfriend! You are pure inspiration. Love & hugs!

Patti G. said...

Absolutely stunning Elizabeth!!!!!!!
Go art girl!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Absolutely incredible-I would love to take a class like this! Beautiful!!!
chris p

inventivesoul said...

Just dropping by to tell you that the 2nd piece that was sold for charity raised $46.00 and your charm was featured on it. It is posted on my blog.
I sent you an email a while back, but not sure if you ever saw it?

Please stop by and see your piece in use.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Your leaf painting is just beautiful. Congratulations on doing such great work in a new medium, not that it is too great a surprise!

Thanks for linking your blog to mine. You rock!

Good business through LTown today as well. I think we're on to something.


kay susan said...

Beautiful! You've really caught the fragility of the leaves and the colours are lovely.

Jacky said...

Elizabeth this is stunning.... I want to learn to do that too!!!!

You must be having such fun in your class. I would be so proud to say I had created this piece. I hope you are going to frame it and give it pride of place.

Well done xox

Talking Horses Arts said...

Hi there just now found your blog.Beautiful work, just love it!

Dot said...

This is so beautiful Elizabeth - you have done a wonderful job! Any one would be proud to have this in their home (talented lady you).

Dot xx


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