Monday, December 8, 2008

Wonderful Fiber!

I have just joined the Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers (and Fiber arts) Guild in Fredericksburg VA. This is a wonderful group of very generous and talented artists- ladies and gentlemen who love fiber!!

We all gathered at a members home this past Saturday for the Annual Christmas meeting, pot luck and gift exchange. I was in a tizzy about what to bring as a gift. I know how to spin, I know how to weave but I would never title myself as a spinner or weaver. I am a pretty accomplished knitter but I have not been "into" knitting for quite awhile. I don't know any of these wonderful folks very well, but I DO Know fiber arts and I DO know that they like my work since they let me into the Guild ! So I made a nice big fat pincushion as I know that most everyone would need pins and needles at some point in the process of their work. It was kind of last minute- so what else is new- so a picture was not taken !!!! EGAD!!! I made it from some felted sweater fabric that was a lovely periwinkle color and I tufted it and embellished it with fiber and beads! (REALLY - I know, SUCH A SURPRISE!!!) Well the wonderful gal, Florence, who chose my gift , just happens to include periwinkle purple as one of her favorite colors!! WHOOO HOOOOO!! as it happens, I picked the package that she had placed under the tree- Oh lucky me!!
It is a huge hank of the most wonderfully lustrous Hand Painted Tussah Silk! Just yummy!! It also happens to be in my (and Florences) favorite colors!! There was also a wonderful little notebook bound with beautiful handwoven Guatemalen fabric ( a fair trade item) in Blues and Purples!!!~ JACKPOT!!!! (Florence and I have really hit it off- we have so much in common and she really reminds me of my Grandmother!)

So here is a picture of the Tussah silk!
Isn't this jsut glorious????? you should feel how soft and warm it is!! i am planning on using this in some needle felting an embellisher work that I hav eplanned for the new year. Right now I am just hapy to look at it and run my fingers through it!!
Have a happy Monday all and stay warm! ( 22 degrees F here in VA!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!)


Elizabeth Seaver said...

So did you play the chimes at the party?

I'm so glad you joined the Spinners and Weavers. Nicest people I know!


Anna said...

I hate that I missed it this year. Nothing beats a present from a fellow Fiber enthusiast!

Dot said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Elizabeth! Love the gift you received too (such delicious colors).

And I sure Florence loved what you gave her too.

Hope you are not too busy during the festive season and are keeping warm.

Dot xx

Vicki W said...

Oh wow, that is yummy!

barbara burkard said...





hugz and love!!

Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, that is awesome! Your party sounded great and your new friend too! That is fun!

Hey doll, I need your address, can you send it to me via my email! THANK YOU!

Jacky said...

ooooohhhhh those tussah silks are divine, what glorious colours!!!

Isnt it lovely being part of a group like that? I am a member of a small patchwork group (the Quilting Muffins...there are only four of us). We have been meeting for 20 years and I am the baby of the group. These other lovely ladies have taught me so much about patchwork and friendship.

Enjoy your Fibre sounds like lots of fun.


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