Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby, It's COOOOOOLD Outside!!

3 degrees F at 8 am here in Northern Virginia this morning to be exact!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!It is supposed to moderate for the big Events coming in just THREE DAYS!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Anyway, last week my good friend Trina and I gathered for some much anticipated Snowman construction time. We had want ed to do this before Christams but things got way too hectic so we put it off and I am SURE that we had much more fun doing it post holiday because there was sno pressure on us. We had been inspired by the cover article in the Dec. Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. the article was about creating snowmen out of old jars that were filled with odd bits of white beads old buttons sequins whatever. The heads are made of Air Dry Model Magic Clay by Crayola and then we embellished with all sorts of bits. The hats are made from Cookie press tips and whaatever we could fashion. iused everything from typewriter parts to hardware bits to a porcelain faucet part!
We just had more fun and giggles and it fits in beautifully with our lovely weather! BRRRRRR!!

This little gal is one of the first ones that Trina got almost finished. Doesn't she have a darling little figure??
We really used all sorts of bottles and jars for these figures. the smallest little one int he middle is an old salt shaker and the square one next to it is a vintage botttle. the snow man to the far right(half in the picture) is amde from a molasses jar from the recycling bin. you cna pick up very interesting clear glass containers at any Thrift shop or yard sale for pennies!!
These are three of my favorites. I got texture on the outside by rolling the heads in Diamond Dust glitter after painting the moist clay with matte medium and then a dabbed gesso on the glass and added some glitter there as well. "SNOW" in the middle is made form a clear vanilla extract bottle and "Flurry" on the left is made form an old salt shaker. The two on the right are filled with pearls from broken costume pearl necklaces and old white buttons.
Here is a shot of the various unusual hats that I came up with!!

This would be a fabulous project ot do with kids!! In fact a good friend of mine, Martha Brown, is a teacher and she did this project with her Kindergarten class in Toronto! If you clink on Her name you can see the amazing results of her efforts with her students!! Aren't they fabulous!!???

I wish you all Warmth and comfort and a year filled to the Brim with HOPE and Happiness and Hard Work!! We can All make a huge difference in our world if we all just try!!!! YES WE CAN!!!!


Jacky said...

These are wonderful.... made your own little winter wonderland!!!

I love how you have used the pearls and some of those bottles are so beautiful (love the old shaker).

Michelle said...

These are fantastic! Oh, I love them ... even more than the ones in the mag - what fun!

Sharon said...

I love your little snow family. They are really cute. Sharon

ariel freeman said...

I just love your little snow men (and ladies). I am going to try this with my kids. Warmest Regards(really), ariel.

Beth M said...

These are so cute! I've been wanting to try this. I have some bottles, just haven't had the time!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

They are even cuter up close and in person! It is obvious how much fun you had making them.

Jo Wholohan said...

wow elizabeth, how very clever are these!!!!! these little bottles are darling :))


Robin said...

OMG! These are soooooooooooooooo cute! When I read the description, I confess to thinking... uh, well, OK... But, really they're adorable. Plus, what a great way to use up white beads and buttons!

Robin A.

Marilyn Rock said...

I saw those snowmen on CPS - these are awesome Elizabeth! I love them! What fun.


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