Monday, January 19, 2009


Here I am on Martin Luther King Day, January 19, 2009 waiting for the day that I thought would never come. Tomorrow George Bush will finally not have any more power to eviscerate the Constitution of the United States or to torture prisoners or to kidnap innocent people to foregin prisons for interrrogation. Our country will have survived the abuse of power that Bush put upon all of us. Now all we have to do is set about to repair all of the damage that he left behind!! We shall overcome, YES WE CAN!!!!!
It is also Inauguration Eve of Barack Obama's Presidency and I have been smiling all day long!!! I spent the morning cooking and serving lunch to residents at a Homeless Shelter in Fredericksburg and I received sooo very much for my meager efforts. It was a wonderful experience and I find that my life is continually enriched by those that I reach out to. It really does not have to be much, everything form a cheery Good Morning to asking to help a little old lady get down a cartoon of orange juice from the top shelf at the local grocery. THere is so very much that we can all do to make such a huge difference in this world!! There is so much to be done,, especially after the massive mess left us by the last Admisnistration. We need all hands on deck and we, as Americans and as members of the human race cna move mountains, if we only try. YES WE CAN!!

Here are two pictures that I have been saving just for this post.
This picture was taken in September of this year. This is my brother Peter and his 17 year old daughter Mali. They are at the Summit of Mt Killimajro. Mali had climbed the mountain with a group of classmates but she had not made it to the top as she came down with severe altiutde sickness. Peter saw this as his oportunity to take the 'Old Farts Trail" complete with sherpas, with Mali to the summit. he did not want to forgo an opportunity to get his butt to the top!!!! The photo was taken by some german who had made the climb with them. The Germans were just as excited about Obama as Peter and Mali were. There is such hope for our world now that Obama will be our president. Whether you voted for him or not, he will be YOUR president and if he Succeeds WE ALL SUCCEED!!
They hiked to the summit at midnight and were met with this amazing sunrise!! Sunrise from the TOP OF THE WORLD.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Thanks for putting into words the hope we all have in the future with the Bush presidency behind us. Find a copy of the invocation given by Gene Robinson before the concerts and festivities on the Mall yesterday. Find it on It is a wonderful prayer for us all as Obama becomes our leader.

Judy said...

Oh: wonderful pics and such great words! You said it all so much more eloquently than I! I am so excited!

Love Ya Honey!!


Doreen G said...

A great day to rejoice out loud and I know that a lot of Aussies are rejoicing as well.
I will be up at 3.30am in the morning(oz time)to see this wonderful event on the TV.

jewelrygirl said...

I haven't been able to tear myself away from the tv all day. I am so filled with hope for our country.

We all need to pitch in, and we will. That is the American way!

I am sitting today, thinking...thinking.....of how I can do something myself to help this country.

How awesome is it that people are even thinking that way?

It is a beautiful day!

Your family pictures are wonderful.

Michelle said...

yes yes yes yes YES - we CAN and we WILL.

Latharia said...

Awesome pictures ... and I, too, am very excited about the next 4 years!

Ro Bruhn said...

We're extremely grateful Obama won on our side of the world, we wish him well. Great photos and the dawning of a new peace.


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