Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Creating and Crying!!

Well, today my face hurts and we are down a whole box of Klennex!! This OBAMA MAMA spent the entire day watching the Inauguration, the luncheon (thank god Ted Kennedy is ok- he used to be my senator) the parade and the Bushies leaving!!! HURRAY! HURRAY it is a brand new day in America!!!!! In preparation for the day I had laid out a whole bunch of projects to be working on as I watched. I did not get much done- it was way too momentous and I was far too emotional to do anything but absorb the wonder of it all!! Have you ever seen so many teeth??? My face hurts from smiling and laughing!! The Obama family has got to be one of the most handsome group of people I have ever seen and to have the more crucial characteristic of being brilliant, what joy!! We have certainly been in the DESERT on that score!! OH HAPPY DAY!!
I did manage to finish off one little project that has been nagging at me for a long time. Last summer I "met " a new blogging friend from Down Under. Tazmania to be exact. Her name is Belinda and she makes wonderful art dolls and has two beautiful little girls to chase around. She is a sweetie and you can visit her blog here. She loves meeting new folks! She and I had spoken of an art doll exchnage way back when. Well, after several delays and hold-ups, I have finished the project and I am ready to pop it in the mail for it's long trip!
I made the fabric for the doll over ayear ago when I ws first playing around with Setacolor dyes. On this particular piece I added some rocksalt for added texture. I love the salt effect!
I also made the faces from polymer clay and got so far as to encircle the larger face with a peyote stitched bezel. htne the project got put aside- this was long beofre Belinda and I had hatched our little plan for our trade.
The Mermaid is only about 7 inches long.
I enjoyed working on the beading and I did not feel that it was necessary to totally encrust her with beads. It is nice to leave a spot for the eyes to rest , as one does in a good painting.
I also did not want to hide my cool fabric texture and color!
I tried several different beaded solutions for the tail but none of them were pleasing till I hit upon this one. I think that the tail is my favorite part!!
I am planning on making another mermaid for my self someday- I will have to make sure that I still have some of these neat leaves on hand!!


Talking Horses Arts said...

Wow, ok if your friend does not like the mermaid...I know where you can send here..( want my address now?!)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Faaaaabulous, Dahling! Truly delightful little mermaid.

Ltown couldn't get the internet connection to watch, but Neal has a satellite radio, and we heard a re-airing of the event later in the afternoon. I started crying when I heard them say "President Obama" for the first time after the swearing in. What a day!

Anna said...

Its a new day!!! I feel more hope than I have in 8 year. Go figure. Love the mermaid. :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Lovely mermaid indeed!

Linda S. Socha said...

Love the Mermaid! I have a friend who collects mermaids! Your art has such personality!

I think you might enjoy a recent post i have done.Please visit Psyche Connections. I do enjoy exchanging following blog links if you have an interest.
Love your work! Let me know your thoughts about creativity when you visit!. I love comments!

Michelle said...

That mermaid is spectacular! Wow. Love it. Can see the joy of the day emulated in this piece!

Belinda said...

Oh my god Elizabeth you have bought tears to my eyes. This mermaid is so beautiful and is so me, I love her so much. I am in awe of your art and only hope I can make you as happy as you have made me with this doll. Thank you Elizabeth my friend you are to kind. Belinda xxx

Sharon said...

Now I have a little pond here on the property that would love a mermaid. But I would never let her get wet. She is beautiful. I like that you didn't bead the whole thing. Such talent lady. Sharon

Deborah said...

Rest assured that the Obama effect is reaching these British shores. I sat and watched every second also. You are all blessed to have such an inspitational leader.

Love your work and look forward to seeing more of it.

Deborah said...

Rest assured that the Obama effect is reaching these British shores also. My family and I were also glued to the T.V.

Love your mermaids and look forward to seeing more of your work.

Judy said...

Oh she is wonderful!!!! I too love her has such movement! I'm a big salter also...can never get enough of that salt effect!
I can't wait till it warms up a bit (maybe even next week?) so that I can comfortably get back out in my studio and do some fun dyeing.

Have a great weekend. And I will email you about our African connections.


Robin said...

Her tail is my favorite part too! And I totally agree about not covering your beautifully dyed fabric with beads. She is one of my all-time favorite mermaids!

I agree with everything you said about Inauguration Day and the Obamas... I especially LOVE it that he addressed and honored the global community in his inaugural address.

Robin A.


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