Monday, February 23, 2009

Fredericksburg Diamond

I thought that you all might like to see where I love to hang out and sometimes where poeple buy some of my art!!

This is the exterior Of Liberty Town, the wonderful art mecca owned by potter Dan Finnegan.

Here is a shot of the front entrance which gives one a tiny hint of the wonders to behold after crossing the theshold!

Sorry about the glare on this shot but if you look carefully you can see the stained glass surround of the front doors.

Today I had my second class in another watercolor session that I am taking under the direction of Ariel Freeman. The subject of this session is painting White Flowers. When thinks about it, this subject presents a host of challenges, the main one being painting a subject that is supposed to be devoid of color. Actually the white flower reflects the colors surrounding it and you get the shape of the white flower by painting in the background around the flower. Pretty cool though a bit difficult to wrap ones brain around, at least it is challenging for me.

I am painting white cosmos. Here is my first glase of color and I probably won't do too many more layers. The rest of the painting on this piece will take place behind the flower with a tiny bit more definition to each blossom.

Another challenge is taking a good picture of white flowers painted on white paper!!!! This will be changing very soon!!

Stay tuned for further updates!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

I had no idea that Ariel was such a mean teacher! White flowers--yikes! Looks like yours are coming along fine. Can't wait to see more progress!

Judy said...

Liberty Town looks so wonderful...I know that is where I'd be spending my time if it was closer to me.

I love, love, love your Cosmos!....already!!! Great job. I can feel them and they feel so good! LOL


Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! These flowers are coming along beautifully, Elizabeth ! Looks like you are making great use of your time at Liberty Town !

Thanks for your CSI love today !
Cheers, My dear !

Dot said...

Wish I lived closer - think I would be visiting Liberty town often!

Your flowers are gorgeous. And I am enjoying seeing the results of your classes.

There really is nothing you can't turn your creative mind too!

Dot xx

Mo said...

Gosh, E - your painting is already beautiful - ethereal, soft, just like the faint whisper of spring that I caught this morning. Lovely. And the art center is - awesome! So jealous - cuz I know they really do art there and appreciate it! BTW - tomorrow is Jacqui's last day. Love & hugs to you!


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