Thursday, February 26, 2009

My First Coptic journal!

I have been wanting to learn how to stitch books together for a long time. I have books on the subject but the words just seemed to blur before my eyes and I could not get my "little gray cells" wrapped around the technique. One of my good gal pal artist friends agreed to show me how it was done as she was stitching up a book to be used as a Journal.

I created covers from a piece of chipboard that was backing a paper pad. I painted signature pages for each signature and ripped plain card stock for the interior pages. Then, last night with awl, waxed linen and needle in hand, I sat down to stitch the book together. My stitches are a bit tight, I was warned about this, but all in all, I am pleased and I GET IT!!!

Request for advice!! iam havong real trouble trying to figure out how to make my photos enlargew hen the viewer clicks on them. I can't find hints or help anywhere- how do You all do it?????????????

Blogger has seen fit to load these shots on end!! GRRR! this is the open cover and the cover of the first signature. This little book has a total of 3 signatures.

Last signature and inside back cover.

The stitched spine.

I know that this is an everyday occurence for many of you, but I am very excited to finally have a grasp of how this is done. I plan to make many more books for gifts in the future!

Here is an update on the next stage of my Cosmos Watercolor. I added in the first layer of background and the flowers have now really taken on their form. My next class is Monday and I will have more to show of this project then.

Here is the first step.

First glazing of the background.


Anonymous said...

NICE book!!! And your watercolor is amazing..really great!!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Congrats on learning the coptic stitch for bookmaking. Maybe you can teach me sometime. Your painting is going to be wonderful. I love the way the background pushes the flowers forward and gives them their form.

Susan said...

Elizabeth, if when you save your pictures you save them as a larger jpg, then you can click on them. They show up regular size on the post. It took me a while to realize I was not as limited as I thought in size of photos. Good Luck. susan

jewelrygirl said...

That is very cool and very brave! That would intimidate me I think.

Marilyn Rock said...

This is going to be a fantastically beautiful book! Perfect with your watercolors!

Talking Horses Arts said...

Great job there Love the book.
About the pics, I save mine from the camera in a folder on the pc, then from there just download them in to blogger. I don't know what else...because once the post is published the pics can be enlarged and give close ups.Wondering here why my blogger does this automatic and yours not?

TracyB said...

I have a book on coptic binding as well but I'm not good at reading directions.

I have found that if I add all of my photos first before I type anything, then the viewer can click on them & a window opens for the viewer to see the photo.

I then just type & move them around where I need them. Also, the page you get where you can browse to look for your photos to add in, I always set the format for the photo to appear on the left side of the page & then I move them around after they've been downloaded. When I asked for center formatted, I always had problems.

Hope this helps?!

Belinda said...

Hi Elizabeth A friend of mine did a course on book binding and her books are gorgeous but so far I haven't attempted to stitch a book spine. Well done for giving this a go. Love your water colours. I use to edit and resize my pictures, its great and free. You should check it out. I haven't had any preblem with having my photo's enlarge etc on my blog and some results you can get are amazing. Anyway take care Belinda

Sharon said...

Love the book. I am going to give it a try.Your watercolor is lookig great. You are one talented lady. I too have had trouble lately with enlarging the photos. I am going to try some of the solutions you've been given. Also blogger has been futzing around with my list of followers. I've lost some and they are all in adifferent order. Grrrr. Have you had that problem. Sharon

Robin said...

I love coptic bindings and painted signature covers!!!! Oh man, everybody seems to be painting and making books... and I WANT to be doing both... no time right now, alas. Anyway, your book looks fabulous even if the pic are on their side and don't enlarge.

I've never had any problem with blogger rotating any of my pictures. I'm guessing somehow that the picture got saved in your files in vertical rather than horizontal positioning. But if I'm wrong, go to the blogger help > forum and ask the question. I've done that several times and always been helped. As for making the pictures clickable... you have to upload pictures that are more than 100 KB in size. But try to keep the size under 200 KB, otherwise the clickable version takes way too long to load and might need scrolling to see it. Hope that helps a little. Cheers, Robin A.

Victoria said...

Love the stitching - if you don't mind would you share with me how you did it?


Kim said...

Great entry... I too love books and the coptic binding is so good to use, it lies flat and is easy to write in. The watercolors are awesome!

Judy said...

I know nothing about your bookbinding but am so excited that you have learned...........because now when you come to visit, you can teach me!! LOL ;-)

I love the progress on your watercolor. It is simply gorgeous!



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