Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heart Quilties and More!

I am still really enjoying my Embellishing Machine! I made up some Heart Quilties for sale in the gallery in Fredericksburg and I did half of them with the embellisher. ( I have tried reloading these pictures 3 times- I give up!! Sorry that they are on end but I think that you can still get the idea of what they look like and that they are indeed hearts!!! GRRRR This has been happening for awhile now - anyone out there know the fix for this BLOGGER BEHAVIOR????)
this first on end photo is of the smaller hearts made with the embellisher.

These were all done on a base of a heart shape cut from a fulled wool sweater- then I played!! To finish them off I added beads to the flower centers and other beaded touches.

THen I made one more elaborate large heart with a crystal bauble! I love making these!!

In the top left corner you can see a bit of paper. I cut the definiton of Heartfelt from a vintage dictionary and trapped it behind the polka dot tulle. Then I finished the whole thing with beads and backed it with purple velvet!! YUMMY!!!

Then I made some Crazy Quilt style hearts. I have been visiting Pat Winter's blog lately, so I blame this on her!! LOL!!!! If Pat can't get one inspried to embellish and Crazy Quilt, then it can't be done!!!!

(This photo is on end as well-Sorry!!)

I used bits and pieces of scraps and samples from some discarde upholstery books. Then I added vintage lace and trims and buttons and beads!!

I also made some earrings with some wonderful Heart beads that I found at a new bead store- new to me anyway!!

I made the little display stands using watercolor paper and Hot Cinnamon Glimmer Mists- I love this stuff!! My hands are the same color as the cards!!

I also decided to add beads to the Red and Purple scarf. Now you didn't seriously think that I was going to let this scarf go unadorned did you???? COME ON!!!!!!

And now for a close up ,Mr. Demille!

A random sprinkling really ups the bling factor!!

I notice that I am coming up on my 250th post!!!!! So glad that I did not miss this milestone like I missed some others. I think that I will have a giveaway- maybe an Embellished Heart- just in time for Valentines Day. What do you think??? I will write a post with all the details very soon , so y'all come back soon!!!



Anonymous said...

Oh I love your heart collage/quilties! They're fabulous!

Talking Horses Arts said...

There they are the hearts..awesome!
Love this post girl!
Yummy hearts!
Love it!

Belinda said...

Hi Elizabeth looks like you've been having some fun with your new toy :) Your earrings look great on the little painted holders you made, you have got to love the glimmer mist its fun to use and looks cool. I had to laugh when you stated how could you not embellish the scarf it just wouldn't be made by "Elizabeth" without the beautiful beading now would it? Take care Belinda

Anonymous said...

love your hearts, fabulous details. you're turning quite into an embellisher :) and i must not forget the lovely earrings!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Love all the projects posted here. Wow, are you having fun with that embellisher!

Michele said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Elizabeth. Your hearts are beautiful! You mentioned Fredericksburg; is that Texas? If so, I'm right down the road in Round Rock. Are we neighbors???

Robin said...

I'll be checking back daily for an embellished heart giveaway! Oooooh, yes! Indeed, I'd like to win one of your hearts... they're dyn-o-mite! I totally love the big one, and especially the definition behind the tulle! Wowzer!

Elizabeth, I just have to say that you are The Also Queen!

Robin A>

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey darlin'!

thanks for the sweet welcome and the loving comment on "junkin' yaya"!

LOVE these hearts! Also see that you live not far from me over here in Houston. :)

I look forward to getting to know you and seeing more of your loverly "treasures"!

xo...deb (junkin' yaya)

Jo Wholohan said...

hi elizabeth,
just letting you know my blog has moved to here:


Betty said...

May I ask what an embellishment machine is? Is that a machine that you use 'just' for embellishing or is it a special type of machine? I do have a Needle Felting machine. Is that the same thing? Sounds like another toy I might have to have.


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