Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Joy's of Teaching Kids!!

I promised a blow by blow description of my Gelatin Monoprinting experience with 40 4th graders and 40 fifth graders, so here goes. I only had two hours,so the time went very quickly but we all had a wonderful time! I always feel that I get so many rewards after an experience like this, I find myself wondering if the kids enjoy it as much.
The morning did not start off well at all. It was bitter cold -12 degrees- for VA that is darn cold!! I went out to load my car after following the list that I had made for myself the night before. I noticed that my right front tire looked a touch low. I park on the very steep driveway and so I usually don't notice this. Fortunately Tom was home from work and he insisted on pulling out the air compressor and filling the tire.. I was late but I did not want the tire to go dead flat on rt 95 and totally miss the class- I would never have forgiven myself.. So Tom filled the tire- he siad that it was indeed flat> SIGH!!
So I got on the road and got to the school and found the room and got set up and then the kids trooped in with very expectant faces. Several teacher wandered through having heard about the gelatin printing and many were making jokes about jello wrestling and wanting to watch!~! the kids wanted to know if they could Eat it- yuck , no it is only plain unsugared gelatin!!

We got right down to it as the clock was ticking and we turned out some wonderful prints. I did a quick demo, we talked about different stamping tools and off they went!! I had promised lots of pictures but in the last minute rush to get out the door and with the tire incident, I forgot my camera!! ARGHGHHHHH!!!
So Mirinda Reynolds the fabulous ARt Teacher at Fredericksburg Academy took some shots and forwarded this one on to me.

THese prints ( on Navy mulbery fiber paper) will eventually become covers for the book of art that each student creates for the artworks generated as they participate in the year long Artist In Residence program. In the lower left corne you can see aparticularly nice print that this girl made using a plastic doily for her patterning!

The kids really did a great job. They were very curious and asked lots of great art questions by trying all sorts of things to make patterns with. We had a very messy, creative and rewarding time!! I certainly hope that the funding for this program is not cut, as I am really looking forward to participating and working with these kiddos again next year!!!


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Those happy faces say it all! Whew, that is a lot of kids for art projects in one day. Put up your feet and pour a glass of wine!

Belinda said...

Well done Elizabeth and just look at the faces of those kids they look so happy. I would never have the nerve to teach although I find the idea so appealing. Belinda

michelle ward said...

Elizabeth - I can imagine you really stoking the fire within those budding artists. To be able to DO such a cool project is a real gift you've shared. The prints look yummy!

I remember being introduced to batik in 4th grade and it OPENED my eyes. I really believe it taught me to observe the world a little differently - wondering How Did That Get Made. Here's to opening eyes and minds because you have an open heart! Bravo.

And Oooooh! the pink felting below is delicious!

Talking Horses Arts said...

This sounds like so much fun Elizabeth!!! Looks like the kids did really well and had lots of fun!
Did you say 40 and 40 more?? You know that's 80 kids right? how did you survive? Please tell me the secret..lol.
Thanks for sharing..love it..

Judy said...

The kids look as though they had a great time, and it sounds like you did too! I hope you will be able to return again often for more art adventures....and I'm sure glad that you spotted that flat before you left home!


Jacky said...

I'm jealous... I want to do gelatin prints with you too Elizabeth!!!

Looks like you had a FUN day and so did all of those children!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Elizabeth~
I discovered your blog thru Michelle's (I am in the ArtTechniques group with her). Stunning artwork. I am curious to know if we live on the same road...
Rt. 95 (State Route?)(lol...even though I am in Ohio). That would make the world seem a little smaller!
Judi Middleton


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