Friday, March 6, 2009

Charms for a Friend

A very talented artist friend is collecting Ocean themed charms for a special necklace. Awhile back she proposed a trade with anyone who might create some charms to add to her collection. So, of course, I had to dive in!! I have such a huge stash of gatherings from my beach time, that I could not resist!

In my previous post I told you about Wampum and how much I love it. Pat is from the midwest and till recently had not known what Wampum was. This piece is a wonderful example as it has lots of royal purple stripping and a critter-created hole from which to hang a pretty dangle!! I used sterling wire to wrap the shell and hung a crystal bead and a Swaroski purple crystal from the bottom .

In my stash I had a porcelain collector's plate from Bermuda. I had gotten it at a Thrift shop for .50 and was drawn to it as it had 5 little sea horses dancing around the rim. I dug out my stained glass tools (some are STILL packed from our move 4 years ago from OK) and set to work to make this charm. I nipped the little creature out of the plate and wrapped it and soldered him up! Done in 20 minutes!! I hope that Pat will be pleased!! I am pretty sure that she will be!! :)


Talking Horses Arts said...

Awesome...there just wonderful, what an idea to cut up a

Belinda said...

Hi Elizabeth I love the sea horse it is just too cute. I would so love to join some sort of charm swap they seem such fun. Belinda

Michelle said...

I love those, especially the wampum! I also have a collection of shells (with holes!) from my college days on Long Island. The treasures of the ocean never cease to amaze me.

Judy said... there's a blast from the past! LOL
Those pieces are lovely. You are so darned talented I can hardly stand it!
...........and I'm so glad that your pics now enlarge. Thank you so very much!


The Governess said...

Oh wow! You are amazing! I found you on Visual Anthologies (- isn't her holocaust story so beautifully rendred?). I love your work, will be back...

Robin said...

If your friend isn't pleased, I know about 10,000 other beady people who would adore having two such fabulous charms, including ME. The wampum with embellished hole especially strikes my fancy... nice job you did with the silver! Well, of course, I also love the seahorse. What a smart person you were to scarf up that little plate for $.50! Again, excellent job making it into a charm. Makes me want to get out my wire and play for a while! Robin A.

The Governess said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to be part of a card making round robin? We need one more person - would you be interested? Two of us live in New Zealand, so you'd be getting something from down-under!

Pat Winter said...

OMG!!! They are fabulous!!! I can't wait..I had better go stand by the mail box now.....
Thanks so much. These will be wonderful treasures for my necklace. The seahorse is adorable.I can't wait to see them in person.
Huge smiles,

Pat Winter said...

I love my charms. I showed them to my niece yesterday and she loved them too. I explained about the wampum which she too had never seen before.
We bought pretty napkins to create the covered rolls for gift giving boxes. Katy is excited!Thanks again for sharing your talent and creations with me.


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