Sunday, March 8, 2009

What A Difference A Week Makes!

LAst Sunday, at this very time wet noses were preessed against windows and all were praying for snow days- all but me!! today, not only have we lost an hour but it is 80 degree's and humid!! I HATE whip lash weather!! I love Spring when it arrives nicely, with rain and gentle soft breezes and grace, not like a herd of turtles and no breeze!! We have the doors and windows open and we can hear all of the birds singing and this part is wonderful. Life is indeed returning to the garden and I cut back the roses today so I will get good strong growth. Buried old banana's under each with a dressing of coffee grounds and said some nice soothing wake up words to each bush. Becca and I decided to go down to the rappahanock River in Fredericksburg to see what had been carried down from the mountains in terms of driftwood treasures and smooth stones. Of course, dear daughter wanted to go swimming!!! Mom said "NO WAY!!" this is a major river that has it's birth palce in the Oldest Mountain range in the country, the Blue Ridge Mountains- it is darn cold still. We set off to explore.

With Croc's at the ready there was no keeping the girl from getting her feet wet!!

We made our way along the top of an old dam- a Gristmill used to be located here ( Frances Thronton's Mill, to be exact) and then explored a little island that was covered with paths and made of huge pieces of Virginia Sand stone.

The stacks of wood were amazing but most to big to bring home. There are other access points that I will visit later where the grounds keepers are very anxious for all to take whatever they can carry!! It really starts to stack up especially after big storms in the mountains. I often find tumbled pieces of slag glass from old glass blowing concerns, that have been tumbled into smooth orbs by the water- very cool!

I also found some spots where I took bunches of pictures to use later as inspirations for art pieces. One has got to love all of the colors in this patch of mossey lushness!!

Becca climbed around like a mountain goat and we both got hot and sweaty. It REALLY was all that I could do to keep her out of the water. When she has a home fo her own, I guarantee that it will be located near moving water of some sort!! I kept her out of the water by bribing her with an ice cream. Old Mommy tricks do still occassionally work!! Off we went to a local Fredericksburg Landmark for a treat!

Everyone raves about Carl's. It is good ice cream- soft serve in three flavors, but to me it is nothing special. I think what makes it so special is the fact that it has been here forever, it is a One Of A Kind and it Never Changes. That gives alot of people so much comfort these days! There is always a long line and today was not at all different. It is the THING TO DO IN THWE SUMMER IN FREDERICKSBURG! So , If you are ever in this part of Virginia there are TWO things taht you MUST DO, 1. come and visit Liberty Town Artist Galleries and 2. have a cone at Carl's.
I do hope taht Spring is coming soon to all of you wherever you may be, and if you are down under, I hope that you have a gloriously cool and comfortable Fall!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a great day you all had! The river and environs are so lovely. I need to get down there.

Judy said...

looks like you and Becca had a very nice afternoon! She is a cutey pie, by the way!! There used to be a soft serve ice cream place just as you crossed over either the Bourne Bridge or the other one, at Buzzards Bay. That was always a treat on a hot summer day. But, unlike Carl's, that one didn't survive. ;-(


Marilyn Rock said...

It makes us feel so hopeful to see those little signs of spring! Great day Elizabeth; wonderful pictures!


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