Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Artist's Date in Old Towne Fredericksburg

Lately, I have been traveling in and out of Fredericksburg several times a week. I am there to drop off art work at Liberty Town , to meet friends for lunch or to go to the Chiropractor. It seems that I always have to be somewhere, yet I see all of these wonderful scenes that I wish to capture on film. Fredericksburg is a southern city that played a very large part in the Civil War with several battles being played out right in the city . The Union troops massed on the Northern side of the Rappahanock River and the Southern troops on the southern side. These battles were fierce and brutal and were fought amidst the townspeople. The city is charming and beautiful, especially at this time of year. The Virginia Garden Society has made a huge effort to restore and maintain many of the gardens of so many historic homes in Virginia and the annual garden cellebration titled Garden Week arrives in 7 days. During this week , many of the historic homes are open to the public and staffed by volunteers in period dress and the whole city turns out for the coming of spring.
I decided on one of my hurried trips to and fro , that I needed an Artist's Date, with my camera, wandering the streets of Old Town. My opportunity came last thursday. It was a beautiful spring day and there were no plans except to wander. What a treat!!
Here are some of the pictures that I snapped along the way. the birds were singing, many residents and volunteers were working in gardens and other's were out enjoying the morning with their children in strollers and dogs on walks.
Many of the house open right onto the narrow streets but if you peek down the alley ways you can catch glimpses of hidden gardens tucked in behind.
This is one of my favorite doorways . It is the color that gets me! I just love it!!
Yet to leaf out Beech trees.
Bursting Magnolia blossoms.

as you arrive in the area with the larger homes, most have front yards with wonderful enty ways. this yard is graced by a gloriously gnarled Catalpa tree. Just have to love the texture of that bark!!!

Beatifully detailed front doors and windows.
This house was built in 1836.
This small cluster of flowers adorns the back stoop of Mary Washington, the mother of George Washington. This home is open to the public and the gardens are maintained in the manner of the day by a full time Master Gardener and a host of volunteers.

A wonderful street side patch of bulbs.
A quiet place to sit.

A secret garden entrance. No, I DID NOT scale the wall!!

A rare neglected home, begging for some TLC. Love the peeling paint texture though.

RedBud trees blooming everywhere!

Historic churches viewed throught the trees. ( Less likely to notice all of the telephone poles and wires!)

A beautifully painted Victorian porch.

A Land Grant marker tucked along the sidewalk, dated 1671.

Red Buds and Cherry Blossoms.

A view of the Northern bank of the Rappahannock River at the site where the Northern army used pontoon bridges to cross the river during the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Virginia Bluebells tucked in against 250 year old brick walls.

Glorious tulips planted along Caroline Street.

Newly unfurled Pink Dogwood blossoms.

I am planning on attending some of the activities during Garden Week. You can be assured that my camera will be with me and I will have more photos to share!

Happy Spring!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Gorgeous photos, Elizabeth. I felt like I was on the walk with you. What a good idea!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful field trip! Every last detail...really...great post, Elizabeth!

david santos said...

Really great work. Gorgeous flowers and pretty colors.

Happy Easter!

LaY hOoN said...

Gorgeous post.
I can smell the Spring :)

Jacky said...

Wonderful photos Elizabeth...thanks for sharing your trip with us. I just LOVE those dogwood blossoms!!!
Busy checking your previous posts too.... you have been busy. Lots of gorgeous art (as always).

Jacky xox

Judy said...

Beautiful pictures...and thanks for the history lesson.
Don't you just love, love, love Spring! I think tulips are my favorite flower this year.



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