Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Wonderful Artist Needs Help !

Many of you may know Gail Schmidt of Shabby Cottage Studios. With her permission I have copied the following text form her blog and it tells of a severe challenge facing artist Joanna Pierotti of Mosshill Studio. I have been wanting to take a class from Joanna for a very long time and after reading this post on Gails blog I know that now is the time! Without further ado, I will let you read Gail's post.

How Can We Help?

Life is such a struggle at times and we've all heard the saying "when bad things happen to good people". When we see it happening to those we know it is so frustrating to only be able to offer prayer and words of comfort. When what we really want to do is be in a position to smite the devil, to pay the bills, to make people listen and help those in need. Yet most of us are not in that position.My friend Joanna whom a lot of you know as Moss Hill Studio is in such a struggle right now. Her sweet hubby Ron has had his brain tumor return after ten years and they have no health insurance and it is difficult for them to get help where they are located. Joanna will not take donations of money and someone on her blog suggested that if there is any one out there that would take a class from Joanna or offer a class from Joanna as a gift to an arty friend then in a small way we could help. I have signed up for 4 of Joanna's classes and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed and will have a lot of fun learning to create beauty.

This is Elizabeth speaking again. I have been fascinated with Joanna's work ever since I saw her dolls on Art-E-Zine. She has a wonderful whimsical style and iI have heard rave reviews about her online classes from many other artists. This is a small way that we can help someone who is trapped in a horrible situation. Take a class, learn something new and help Joanna and her husband weather the storm of this illness. You will be so glad that you did!! Please help me to spread the word about this wonderful opportunity!!

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girl_gone_thread_wild said...


I had no idea! JoAnnA has been on my heart this past week.. I was searching for a particular book she is in at local bookstore to locate a technique she taught.. in my prayers she & her family will be, I'll drop by to see if there is any way I can extend a helping hand.. xo, monica


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