Thursday, April 30, 2009

Collage Mania!!

The Preview of this amazing event has begun! Virginia Speigel hass done it again. This is the last time that Fiber Art For a Cause will be hosted by Virginia and she is resposible for the donation of $170,000 dollars to the American Cancer Society! To see all of the amazing Collage works donated by so many talented artists go here.

On May 5 at 10am CDT the Mania begins. For 80$ ,any collage may be purchased with all proceeds going directly to ACS. On May 6th any remaining collage may be purchased for 40$. THe purchasing will be fast and furious so if you Want it, Buy it!!! I have just spent about an hour scrolling through all of these amazing pieces and I have a detailed list in order and ready to go!! I am all set to go after several incredible pieces of glorious artwork !! Many art friends have donated their artwork to this event , Laura Krasinski, Michelle Bonds ,Frieda Oxenham,,Judy Alexander to name a few.

The inspiration and artistic expression is incredible. Many pieces are done in memory of loved ones who have fought and lost, others are created by and for survivors of cancer. By moved and inspired!

Won't you join me???

At this link you will find full instructuons for how to participate.

Have a wonderful and healthy day!!

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Virginia A. Spiegel said...

Elizabeth - Thanks for the post about Collage Mania. There is GREAT art and I am hopeful we can meet our crazy goal of $20,000 donated to the ACS in just three days!


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