Friday, May 1, 2009

Collaged Puzzle Piece Swap

This is a swap that I simply could not resist!! First of all it is being hosted by the amazingly talented and generous spirit, Pat Winter. She creates the most wonderful Crazy Quilted items I have ever seen. She announced this swap on her blog and I watched and waited and tried sooooo very hard to resist. To no Avail!! I had to jump in!!

The deal is to create four collaged puzzle pieces based on the pattern provided by Pat. Once the deadline is past and you have sent in your 4 pieces , Pat will swap out your 4 with 4 from other participants. She set up a blog for posting pictures of the pieces and she showed us pictures of her pieces. That was the hook, right there!! I'm in!!!!!! Once we get our various swapped pieces back we can sew them together to create a unified piece!! It will be glorious, of this I have no doubt!!!

I traced the apttern off on a sheet of my fabric paper, cut out the puzzle shapes and glued them to Timtex interfacing. Then I added some sparkly threads, a winged charm , beads and sequins! I fuzed some green batik fabric to the back and whip stitched the raw edges closed. I have three finished and two more to go ( one extra for me). I will be sure to share pictures of the pieces that I get in exchange!

Here are some close up shots of the finished pieces!!

If you would like to see what other participants are creating for this swap you can go here to The Pieces of Friendship Blog.


Patti G. said...

Beautiful puzzle pieces for the swap Elizabeth!!!!!!!!
Love them!

Beena said...

I love the puzzle pieces. Very nice! I can't wait to see this when all the pieces are put together!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Well, of course, they are just gorgeous! The colors are vibrant and designs just funky and cool!

Judy Wedemeyer said...

No wonder you got hooked - this puzzle piece idea is delightful! What you have done is gorgeous. I enjoyed your informative commentary and photos however, I'm curious about the size of the pieces? Love following your creative blog Elizabeth.

Marilyn Rock said...

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cool!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

beautiful - love the colors - can't wait to see the pieces you get back!

TracyB said...

LOVE these!! Can see these as embellishments on a bigger piece!

Judy said...

Wow: I love your pieces! and what a neat, neat idea!! Can't wait to see what you get back!


Pat Winter said...

Your beautiful puzzle pieces arrived and I am drooling! I love to see the words through the paper collage. Is there a secret to that?
Great job, I will post them this afternoon.
The primrose is doing well by the way :-)

Cindy said...

I love your puzzle pieces. I hope I'm lucky enough to get one of yours in the swap.


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