Friday, June 12, 2009

Guerilla Knitting Ready to Ship to OZ !!!

Alng with my other projects, I have been working on a project to help out a blogging friend in Australia. If you all do not know of the wonderful Denise of GRRL+ Dog, you must pop over for a visit (click here to go to her fabulous blog!) and learn all about her amazing journey that has led to this project!! Denise started an international blogging group of guerrilla knitters whose goal it was to decorate ordinary boring objects with glorious fiber and knitting. Knitters from all over the world joined her in dressing trees and light posts door handles and even a chilly cacti with their handiwork. Well one thing led to another and now Denise has a huge art exhibit coming up at a major art museum!!!! This is very, very cool but when I say MAJOR, I MEAN MAJOR!!!! Leading into the exhibit are 6 massive concrete columns to be covered with knitting luciousness and Denise has put out a call for help from any and all willing knitters!!! Well, how in the world could I resist???
So here is my contribution. The specs that were requested were 4-8 inches wide and approximately (converting from civilized metric to our crazy system,) 54 inches long. We are talking massive columns!!!
I wanted to use supplies on hand and as Denise is big on recycling, I wnet with cut up plastic bags. Bags from Lego purchases, bags from the dentist, bags from newspapers bags from clothing stores , bags from Target, all colors and sizes- just NO WALMART BAGS!!! I have my limits!!!!
I used size 15 needles and knit away, mostly at softball games. As you can imagaine this project became the topic of conversation between innings of cheering on our girls . Several girls have asked that I teach them to knit!!! Looks like we will get a Teen Knitting Group going for the summer!!!

I left 6 inch tails where I joined one bag to the next and now I am just finishing up adding some colorful plastic beads to the ends! It is all about color!!!!
This needs to be in Denise's hands by July 1 so my goal is to get it on it's way in tomorrows post!!
So this is my 300th post. So tonight at 9 pm (EST) I will asign numbers to all of the comments that you , dear readers , have left on my blog. Then we will pick winners! If you ahve left more than one comment ove rht last several posts you will get more chances!!! :) So If you are a lurker and Don't leave comments to let me know that you have stopped by, get with the program and leave me a comment!!!
Big hugs!!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

You amaze me with your projects that create and define community, Elizabeth. I admire your work, both in the personal sense and the global sense! This project is so cool and I love the idea of knitting plastic bags. Thinking of doing same for the Trash Art exhibit in July/August at LibertyTown????


Beena said...

Oh, my dear...I always leave comments...prizes or no prizes! It's because I like you and your blog! And I'm too obnoxious to lurk quietly LOL!

300 posts! That's incredible!

Also incredible: that you made all that from bags! I'm just flabbergasted at the amount of work and time you must have put into it, judging from the pics! Awesome!

jewelrygirl said...

That is very cool Elizabeth. I don't have a clue how to knit, though!

As usual, nice work!

Ali said...

I agree, it'll be cool knowing that your work's prt of something so much bigger too

Sue said...

Out of lurkdom I come! Wonderful that such intense colour and interesting texture can come from the toxic but humble plastic bag. This is going to be an extraordinary exhibit, too.

Artfully yours, Linda said...

You always have some new and unusual project going on. It's so much fun to visit your blog to see what you are up to. Hope I'm lucky enough to win one of your pieces! Linda

Trina said...

Very clever, Elizabeth! Was it hard to knit with plastic bags while sitting in a bleacher outside in our humid Virginia weather? I bow to your knitting skills!

ariel freeman said...

Amazing! Knitting plastic cool. I love it.

Marilyn Rock said...

There isn't anything that you cannot do! Beautiful art for a wonderful project! xxoo

Carol said...

Hi Elizabeth. I don't knit, but if I did, this is right up my alley! What a wonderful project. I love when crafters from all over the world come together like this.

Ro Bruhn said...

This is going to look great Elizabeth and it's going to the most important gallery in our land. It will be at the National gallery which is in Canberra, our capital. I haven't finished mine yet but it won't take me quite so long to get it to Dnese.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!
I just saw your gorgeous bird on Ro's blog now here you are with your piece just done.

I am knocked out..

first of all because I know just how hard it is to knit with plastic,,, and second because you are beading it??

Jacky said...

Fantastic Elizabeth! I love how you have used the plastic bags...recycling at its best.

I have to send mine off this week...I have not been as environmentally friendly as you though, I have just used up old scraps from jumpers/scarves I have knitted over the years (and its pretty wonky considering the different ply's).

So pleased we will both have some of our knitting displayed together.

Mammoth job for Denise, but I dare say she's up to it!

Jacky xox

Mary Jo said...

I'm new to Blog Land, and have been exploring,wandering from link to link.I stopped here because the colors caught my eye.I work at Target, and a thrilling little tickle to see Target bags so beautifully used for Good Cause! Absolutely awesome to think of it traveling around the ambassador of art! I'll be back...I'm such a technophobe, but I'm going to have to learn to blog, so I CAN PLAY, TOO! Best wishes, and keep up the good work! (Mary Jo Fisher)


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