Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wet Felting Fun and Give Away Extension

Last week I ahd a wonderful opportunity to have a private Wet Felting Tutorial with April, one of my Fiber Arts Guild friends. April does amazing felting of all sorts and I had helped her jump into a collage project so she graciously offered to help me get" wet" with wet felting!! I am sooo in love with what is happening in the fiber arts world lately with the use of the embellishing machine and wet felting. There are several artistis that I have become aware of recently who are doing wonderful things with color and technique and creations that I just adore. Here are some links to explore: Elizabeth Armstrong, Margo Duke, and Jackie. Jackie just had a feature article in the latest Quilting Arts Magazine!!

So to begin, April showed me how to separate the layers of a silk hankie. This would serve as my first layer of my felted piece. I had recieved this wonderful piece of silk luciousness from my dear friend Jacky from OZ, for my last birthday and I was saving it for something special. Truth be told, I did not know how to use it to get the most from it and I surely did not want to waste it. It turns out atht a silk hankie is the silk from a single coccoon that has been hand stretched over a persons hand, into a square. My particiular hankie had 6 layers to it!!! Bonus!!! It is hard to image that all of the lucious fiber contained in one hankie is the doings of one very busy little worm!!!!! Just blows the mind!! Anyway, we put down the silk layer on top of shelf lining that April had purchased at IKEA. We sprinkled the silk with soapy water. This matting (shelf lining) is clear on the back side and has little bumps on the felting or up side. These little bumps make the perfect surface for wet felting as the wool is aggitated gently along the bumps and the fibers are encouraged to hook up with each other. Then we continued to lay down fibers of wool and even some sari silk yarn, in colors that I wanted to work with. Below you see a detail shot of what I was doing.
After the color paly was complete we covered the entire piece with shocking pink roving that we teased apart. I had come into a large quantity of this wool from a friend who had decided that it hurt her head to work with the stuff!!
Then we strinkled with some more soapy water and covered the wool with a layer of bubble wrap. Where oh where would we artists be without our bubble wrap??????

Then we rolled the whole thing up into a nice fat sausage and started rolling and turning and rolling the piece some more.
Here you can see how nice it is to have the shelf liner have a clear side!!

So the rolling was finished and then we worked on tightening up the egdes of the panel by using our hands, some more soapy water and rubbing the fibers against the bumpy surface of the shelf liner.

The next step was the hot water rinse and squeeze and then cold water rinse, hot water rinse and squeeze. We were done.!!!! I love this piece and I am not sure what it will become- probably several pieces- you WILL be seeing it again!!!

I just love this process and I can see putting the kids to work over the summer helping me to roll some more felt pieces!!!!
Give Away Extension
As I am holding my art giveaway to celebrate my 300th post , I think taht it is only right to extend the comment period till I actually post my 300th post, don't you!!
Therefore I will continue to collect comments till one day following my 300th post. this current post is #299. Those that leave more than one comment in this entire time period will be entered according to the number of comments left!! I just love getting comments!!


Michelle said...

That felt piece is amazing. WOWZERS! What is "self lining"??? I need to get myself to IKEA one of these days, we finally got one in NC (but it's 2.5 hours away ... maybe that's a good thing). I really love how the felt turned out.

Beena said...

I love the felting you did. Dreamy colors. Thanks for sharing this process in your post, and for sharing the links. I can tell you are having so much fun with fiber arts and new techniques!

Dot said...

Oh Elizabeth - what a wonderful post! It was great to see the photo's of the felting process too.
Neither Jacky and I knew what you did with silk hankies before our felting class! They are like little nets of magic aren't they?
Love, love the piece of felt you created. Holding a piece of wet felting in your hands is so wonderful isn't it? Fun, fun, fun.
And I love the colors you chose too!
Dot xx

Ro Bruhn said...

Love this Elizabeth it's beautiful. After seeing what Jacky and Dot created in one of Elizabeth Armstrong's classes, I've decided to do one of her classes too. Thank you soooooo much for my special bird muse, napkins and card too. They are all so special.

jewelrygirl said...

That is just so beautiful. Felting is the one thing I haven't tried yet. I must do it.

The piece is lovely!

Debrina said...

Hello Elizabeth - I am busy writing down the steps you've put here. I can't wait to give it a go!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Great felting process Elizabeth; a lot of work but well worth it! Gorgeous results.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Yummy!!!!!! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing the tutorial as well!
No Ikea around here for miles and miles....Have to find self lining somewhere else?
Your the felting Queen!!!

Artfully yours, Linda said...

Very cool felt piece. I would love to see it up close and in person! Thanks for all the detailed steps and photos. Linda

Ali said...

My art group group always enjoy felting, it's so satisfying!

Julie said...

Beautiful felt Elizabeth. I love the colours of silk hankies but I always have trouble splitting them up, they catch all ove my hands. Have I said it before? Congratulations on your impending 300 post anniversary.

Jacky said...

ooohhhh .... love your wet felting! Your colours are so vibrant. Isnt wet felting such fun. I must away and check the links.

Jacky xox


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