Monday, June 22, 2009

Purple Zipper Cuff and Teaching Classes

I am almost finished with this new Zipper Cuff! All that is left to do is apply the linig to the inside of the metal cuff. I couldn't wiat to post aobut this piece and to let everyone know that I am teaching classes to create these pieces at two different venues! I have a class scheduled for the 16th of September at The Artisitc Artifacts Annex in Alexandria VA. Folks are already signing up and there are only 6 slots for this class. If you are interested in this session you sign up here. I will give you details about the other venue latter on in this post!

Here are some close up shots of this latest cuff. I stitched this piece on a rich royal purple velvet as the background fabric. Before I began, I added a stabilizing fabric to the back so my beading thread would not pull through the velvet. This cuff is more narrow than the others that you have seen here. The brass form was an inch wide rather than 1.5 inches. So in the end the finished cuff measures about 1.25 inches wide.

The cuff is priamrily purples and greens with shots of red and pink thrown in because I could!!
Although it is hard to see in the photograph, this bead work has quite a bit of dimension as I used a good amount of fringe beading in certain places for added texture.

The second teaching venue that I spoke of earlier is my studio! I live in Staford VA and I am blessed with a very large work space and I would like to offer small classes , even private lessons, that can fit into busy schedules. I would love to have teenage students as well as adults. Offering classes at my home will allow me to be in the home with my family and to have all of my vast stash of varuious supplies within reach. this will offer students a unique opportunity to learn in a very relaxed and comfortable setting. It will also allow for a good deal of flexabilty and spontaneity in use of materials and scheduling.
If you are interested in discussing Classes In:
Altered Book Techniques
Fabric Surface Design
Mixed Media Techniques
please contact me through my email or leave a comment here on my blog. Also feel free to tell any friends and aquaintances who you know might have an interest.!!
I also wish to thank all of you for all of the wonderful comments that you leave for me when you visit. You truely inspire me and give me great hope in the possiblities for our lives together within this wonderful art blogging community!!!


Julie said...

I'm sorry but I'm way too far away to come to a class but I'd be there like a shot if I was nearer. Your cuff is beautiful, so many things to look at.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Pat Winter said...

I love that you are offering classes in your home. I have decided that is where I will be doing my teaching as well. It is just so convenient with all my stash right here if needed. Besides, smaller classes offer better learning I think. One on one is easier to achieve with a few students.
Love the cool bracelet and wished I lived closer for a class. Wow! Who knows, perhaps one day??????

Beena said...

These are all gorgeous!

I think you have the right idea about teaching from home, with everything you need right on hand. So much easier than hauling off a ton of supplies to a class. Also so much more comfortable, which should make for better teaching/learning!

Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, WOW, what a stunning bracelet!!!!!!! Honestly, glorious!
Good luck with all your classes doll!

Judy said...

Oh, how I love this newest cuff! MMMMMMM!!! I'm so proud of you for offering classes in your own studio! It just struck me that it would really be a hoot to have you come teach here! That's just a pipe dream....but wouldn't it be fun!!! How much beading experience would one have to have in order to make one of your beautiful cuffs?


Marilyn Rock said...

This is stunning Elizabeth!

martha brown said...

This is fabulous! I wish that I lived closer so I could take a class!

barbara burkard said...

omgoodness...THAT IS STUNNING!!!! (and it's LAVENDER!!!) wowsers!!! so wish i lived closer!!!

hugz and love!!

Artfully yours, Linda said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I can't wait to hear about the classes you are teaching from your house. I can definately make weekend classes. I'm signing up for the September beaded cuff class right now.

flower said...

Thats so beautiful I want 1, I wish I was nearer so I could come to the class :(

Dotti said...

I love your beaded cuffs. On the latest one with the purple velvet, does the velvet show at all after all that encrusted beading?


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