Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rusted Fabric Collage Packs

I am adding some new items to my ETSY Shop. I have made up some Rusted Fabric Collage Packs of bits and pieces of rusted lace trims, cheese cloth, muslin and vintage doilys. My newly designed label reads "Rusted Bits of Fabric and Fluff for Collage!!" Each pack contains one specailized piece that is rust printed with a bird image. Each pack is totally unique as is each piece of fabric. Duplication is , in fact, impossible!! rRusting is a very fickle process and therefore, can be very excitingbut also very frustrating ! I have worked quite awhile to get the conditions for rusting my unique iron and tin pieces just right . I have had many requests for how too's and inquires about where I have gotten my metal bits. As this is so hard to duplicate I have decided that some folks might want to purchase the unique collage items rather than try to duplicate them for themselves. So here they are. The above pack is Collage Pack A- with a rusted bird on a vintage round doily, as the signature piece amoung the other treasures. At my Etsy site here you can see pictures of all of the other elements contained within this special collage pack.

This is Pack B and contains a specail Twin Bird Rusted piece as it's signature piece. You can see the detail photos for this pack here.

This is a photo of the contents of Pack A.

And this is a photo of the contents of Pack B.

If you know of people who like to work with unusual Rusted fabrics and trims, spread the word about my collage packs!! One never knows, my next blog giveaway might just feature a Collage Pack or Two!!


Beena said...

These are really gorgeous!

Jacky said...

Elizabeth these look fantatic and I'm sure they will be snapped up quickly. What a great idea (as there is a bit of time involved in this process) as it give people some individual pieces to incorporate into their art.

Jacky xox

Marilyn Rock said...

Terrific offerings, Elizabeth, and I will spread the word to my fabric friends here! xxoo

jewelrygirl said...

Those are great looking! Very different.

Judy said...

YaY!!!! You did it!!!! As the recipient of several of your wonderful rusted fabrics, I must attest that they are none other than fantabulous! Why struggle with rusting on your own, when Elizabeth is there to deliver?!!!


Trina said...

Oh my gosh, Elizabeth ... save me one! Hope you're doing well ... see you when I get back!


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