Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting my Art Groove Back- S-L-O-W-L-Y

It seems like a long time since my last post, for me and my habits, I suppose it HAS been a long time. Upon our return from Cape Cod I was taken out of my game by a really nasty sinus infection. Actually both Tom and I have been down and out of it for the past 4 days!! Yes the inmates have been in charge of the Asylum!!! Actually the dogs pretty much run the show anyway!!! (Not Really!!!!) I gave in a went to the Dr. once I started running a fever as I was concerned about Flu and with Tom being oversea's next week, I could just imagine him getting quarantined somewhere..... not a pretty thing!!! So Off to the Dr. I went. No flu- thank goodness, but Dr. suggested antibiotics as she suspected a sinus infection . Well I hate taking antibiotics for a whole miriade of reasons, the least of which being the havoc that is wrecked on the body!! well, I stocked up on yogurt and fruit on the way home and here we find ourselves at Friday.!!! YIKES!!!
Had to cancel my Beading Workshop- great way to launch a set of classes but better this than sharing my sinus infection with a group of new students!!! SIGH!!!!
I did manage to finish off a set of charms for the Think Pink Charm Exchange!! Amber Dawn of the Inventive Soul is taking on this project once again this year, in conjuntion with the Think Pink Block Party!

The amazing Monica Magness is at it again!! You may all remember the Think Pink Art Doll for which over 180 artists created two inch square art quilt squares?? Well Monica created a glorious doll, Love Squared, that was raffled off to raise money for Susan G. Komen Organization for Breast Cancer Research. Over $3000 $$ was raised in this effort!!!! There were some left over squares from Love Sqared's gown and these left overs have been used to create Quilt Blocks that have become a wonderful wall hanging. All is revealed here today!!!!! July 31st!!! Please go and take a look at this amazing project!!! Click HERE!
As happened last year anyone who makes a donation to get a raffle ticket is also entered in a drawing for many other wonderful prizes donated by many wonderful artists. Amoung the prizes will be one of my large Muse Birds that has been Blinged up in extra special wonderful ways just for this project!!!
Here are the charms that I have created for this years Charm exchnge. These charms will join many other's to become charm bracelets that will be auctioned off to raise money for Susan G. Komen.

I created these using squares of fulled electir pink wool sweatering, vintage MOP buttons and seed beads.

On the backs of each I stitched a snippet of pink fabric paper held on with a flower sequin with a seed bead center.
Now I am off to visit Monica's Blog again to take in more of the pictures of the Block Art Quilt!!!
Please join me there!!!!


jgr said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I have just discovered your blog from Michelle's.
WOW! your poppy quilt is amazing, and I love all the flowers too. (I paint flowers and turn them into cards.) I would love to take up sewing but, alas: no time. Anyway, your blog is really inspiring-I'll be back for more. soon.

Dotti said...

Having the cooties is sooooo not cool. Love your charms. I'm a two time C survivor! Hope she does the charm thingie again so I can participate.

Beena said...

Hope you get over your sinus infection quickly! I have ongoing sinus/respiratory problems, but am right there with you about taking antibiotics.
Glad you are getting back into the creative groove in spite of being sick, and having to cancel your class.
Love your little charms!

TracyB said...

Hi Elizabeth, I totally feel for ya! Seems as if a lot of my blog friends (including me have been in a creative funk lately). Mine seemed to go on for so long, I was getting concerned for a little while.

Feel better, those sinus infections are nasty!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Glad your art mojo is back! Beautiful! xxoo

Trina said...

Hey Elizabeth! Yes, it's been *way* too long. Glad to hear you had a great time at the Cape ... did you get to the dump?! Sorry to hear you were sick ... it's hard enough to get back in the swing of things after vacation, then to have that thrown in the mix ... ugh! See you when I get back!

tiedyejudy said...

Bummer about the sinus infection... been there, done that! Have you tried a 'nettie pot' to irrigate the sinuses? I started using one a few years back after a really bad sinus infection, and haven't had another! They're usually available at drug stores, and very easy to use. Hope all is well now!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh your charms are sweeet as can be!

Amber is so wonderful to take on this project yet again!

I hope your sinus infection goes away so you can PLAY free from congestion and head swells!

I just love your heart quiltie, thank you Elizabeth for the generosity of oyur friendship as well as FOR giving so greatly to this project! fingers & toes crossed we bring in big dollars for Susan G Komen!!


hm said...

Hi Elizabeth~~~I just got one of your adorable charms as part of the Think Pink swap and I want to thank you so much. It will be precious together with all the other charms on my bracelet.



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